New name, same top service

By Gus McCubbing

After 20 years under the First National banner Chris Bender’s real estate business has changed its colours.

Mr Bender, 54, said the prime motivation for the change was to freshen up the image of his business of the agency, as well as reminding residents it is a locally-owned business.

Once the proprietor of Video Land Seymour, Mr Bender joined up with First National during the 1990s and said while technology destroyed one business, it has been a boon for the latter.

‘‘Now when you list a property it’s up for sale instantly — it goes straight out to a database of people looking,’’ he said.

‘‘So you can gauge a response very quickly of where your house in positioned in the market and whether you’ve got the right price.’’

But one thing that has not changed is Mr Bender’s love of the quiet lifestyle Seymour has to offer, which also attracts a lot of people to the town.

‘‘I think people are a lot friendlier in a place like Seymour...its very rewarding that way,’’ he said.

‘‘Particularly when you can recommend local tradespeople or services to buyers moving in to town and help them find the coaches of local sport teams if they’ve got kids who want to play footy or netball.’’

Bender and Co Real Estate is at 120 Station St, Seymour.