Spanner in the works for apprentice

By Shepparton News

Jayden Hartigan’s Friday morning started out worse than he could have possibly imagined.

The 22-year-old carpenter’s apprentice said he was devastated to find several of his tools had been stolen overnight.

‘‘It’s not what you want to wake up to on a Friday morning,’’ Mr Hartigan said.

The tradesman’s utility and trailer had been parked in the driveway of his home in Bennett St, Shepparton.

‘‘I’m sure I locked it last night and it looks like they’ve probably picked the lock,’’ he said.

In the last year of his four-year apprenticeship, Mr Hartigan said it had taken him the whole duration of that time to build up his tool supply.

‘‘I’m just about to become qualified,’’ he said.

Mr Hartigan said only one side of the trailer was broken into, which faced away from the property.

‘‘It was all the important tools that get used,’’ he said.

Mr Hartigan’s tools are all easily distinguished — all Makita brand with his name on them in black texta.

‘‘It’s about $2-2500 worth of tools,’’ he said.

The thieves made away with Mr Hartigan’s circular saw, reciprocating saw, multi-tool, planer, radio, two impact drivers, a blower, grinder, torch and six batteries.

‘‘I got home at about 10pm last night and my brother left for work at around 5am so it has happened some time in between,’’ Mr Hartigan said.

He said he hoped someone would come across the tools and help him to retrieve them.

Currently using his boss’ tools, Mr Hartigan said he would need to replace them within a few weeks to be able to continue his work.

The incident was reported to Shepparton police and officer Ross Normington said they were appealing to any witnesses or anyone with any information to come forward or phone Shepparton police on 58205777.