155 years since the first Riv

By Riverine Herald

■ 155 years ago

July 1, 1863, the first edition of the Riverine Herald


The task is before us of introducing ourselves to the public.

A rather delicate matter; having, on one hand, to avoid the Scylla of undue ostentation and egotism, and on the other to shun the Chardybdis of unworthy humility and self-depreciation.

With that gravity and propriety of demeanour which is inherent in us as journalists, and becoming as debutants, let us state, in making our first appearance, that our great aim will be to deserve and win the confidence of the public, by rendering our columns useful and interesting in the extensive districts in which they will be principally read — by examining all subjects of public importance from a common-sense point of view — by dealing with them honestly and impartially, arguing their merits logically and dispassionately, calling things by their right names, and speaking plain English.

We have not come to the banks of the Murray with the vain ambition of echoing the celebrated Caeserian brag — ‘‘We came, we saw, and achieved success.’’

Experienced journalists tell us — and we believe in the teachings of our elders — that the thorough establishment of a newspaper must be the work of time, of patience, and of unremitting labor and attention.

~ Robert Ross Haverfield, the inaugural editor of the Riverine Herald.

■ Ten years ago

June 27, 2008

Port of Echuca staff this week received $537,408 in unpaid entitlements from Campaspe Shire, dating back to 2001.

The unpaid overtime was paid to 13 past and 19 current staff.

Council this week released information stating it recognised its obligations to pay staff for prior unpaid overtime.

Motorists have been urged to take care on the roads over the school holidays.

Sergeant Greg Watkins of Echuca’s traffic management unit (TMU) pleaded with people taking to the roads over the holidays to watch their speed and fatigue.

‘‘If people are travelling long distances they need to take a break every two hours,’’ he said.

■ Thirty years ago

June 27, 1988

Executive officer of the Murray Irrigation Area and Districts Management Board mr Jim Grant today warned irrigators they only had until Thursday to cancel out their overdraw by transferring water in from unused allocations.

He said this may have become necessary since a recent decision of the Murray-Darling Basin commissioners that overdraw would only be waived if Hume dam spills, and additionally if dartmouth refills to the level it was at the start of the irrigation season just ended.

Mr Grant said that when irrigators had committed themselves to overdraw it was understood that it would be waived if Hume dam spilt and the additional requirement regarding Dartmouth was a bombshell, and that he was surprised and disappointed that the rules had been changed.

The Murray Shire Bicentennial Heritage Ball on July 9 will have a colonial theme, shire clerk Mr Terry Parker announced last week.

The ball, to be held in the Moama community complex beginning at 8pm, will feature local bands Klub 4 Plus 2 and the Barcoo Rotters.

‘‘This will be an event not to miss,’’ Mr Parker said.

■ Fifty years ago

June 28, 1968

A fine of $500, in default 100 days gaol, was imposed in Echuca Court of Petty Sessions on Tuesday on an Echuca woman convicted of using her home for betting purposes.

The woman, Dorothy Maria Ross, of 68 Darling Street, Echuca, was charged with the offence after a visit to her home on Saturday, April 13, by members of the Police Gaming Branch.

Mrs. Ross did not appear at the court but was represented by Mr. A. J. Kinnane, of Echuca.

A loan needed for the construction of Echuca City Council’s new store-yard and workshops for plant, machinery and materials has been obtained, the town clerk, Mr. K. F. McCartney reported to Monday night’s meeting of the council.

He said the loan was for an amount of $26,000 and the money had already been received and temporarily invested pending completion of legal formalities.

He suggested that the council decide on the means by which the construction and development was to be prepared to commit itself to the works on July 22.