Council: Be prepared for latest water bill

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Be prepared for a hike in your water bill.

That’s the message from Edward River Council, which will send water bills out in the next fortnight following the installation of new smart water meters.

Many residents were left confused when water estimates were sent out to customers instead of an exact bill for the January to March 2018 quarter.

Edward River Council general manager Adam McSwain said ‘‘following a lot of great work by our staff, we are now in a position to issue the next round of water bills to residents.’’

‘‘We would like to remind residents that these bills will be for a six month period and as such will be higher than the usual quarterly bill.

‘‘For any residents that paid following the water estimate issued in April 2018, this will automatically be deducted from your bill.’’

Mr McSwain also warned that climactic conditions may also contribute to a slightly higher than normal bill.

‘‘In addition to the bill being for a six month period, it has been a long, hot and dry summer so the amount of water that residents will have utilised may be higher than previous years.

‘‘We ask that residents please consider these factors when they receive their bills.’’

The payment due date has been extended by four weeks. Anyone with issues paying on time should contact council to discuss payment plan opportunities.