Sheep tragedy as truck rolls

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

At least 300 sheep were killed or euthanased following a truck rollover on the Barham Rd on Monday evening.

The road train with two trailers of sheep — 670 head in total — overturned when negotiating a bend about 36km from Deniliquin, while heading west about 6pm.

The truck came to rest on its side in the east-bound lane and large gouge marks could be seen in the bitumen.

Amazingly, the 36 year-old driver from Grenfell, NSW was not injured in the accident, according to authorities.

Assisting emergency services at the scene were Murray Local Land Services regional veterinarian Scott Ison and senior biosecurity officer Michael Mullins, working as part of the Murray LLS emergency management team.

‘‘We ensured all sheep at the scene had a veterinary assessment and severely injured animals were humanely euthanased,’’ Mr Ison said.

‘‘We performed a search and muster the next morning at first light with assistance from local farm staff.

‘‘The farm staff moved the mob to their yards where we performed a veterinary examination to ensure they were fit to complete their journey.

‘‘Staff from Murray and Riverina Local Land Services completed specialised Livestock Truck Accident training in March this year to ensure we are adequately resourced and here on the ground when it matters.’’

Others to respond to the accident included Caldwell Rural Fire Service, Deniliquin NSW Fire & Rescue, Murray River Council staff, Deniliquin Veterinary Clinic, NSW Police, NSW Ambulance, and local landholders.

Deniliquin NSWFR responded with five firefighters to provide hazmat services.

Deputy Captain Les Both said absorbent materials were used to clean up spilled fuel and oils.

Emergency services waited until a heavy tow truck from Wagga arrived, and they remained on stand-by until the truck could be put upright and removed from the road.

Deniliquin Police said the road was re-opened about 1.40am.

The driver was assessed at the scene by paramedics and then taken to Deniliquin Hospital for observation.

With no injuries, he was released Tuesday morning.

Police say they are still not certain what caused the rollover.