We thank you from the bottom of our hearts

By The McIvor Times

UP until three months ago, Mia Mia local Alex Hall was a regular man leading a regular life. All that changed in an instant when he was involved in a horrific car crash. Ambulance officers worked at the scene for three hours to stabilise him enough to airlift him to the Alfred Intensive Care Unit.

He suffered a severe brain injury and several broken bones including ribs, collar bone, shoulder blade, humorus, eye socket, face and skull. Alex also ruptured his diaphragm, suffered collapsed lungs and was placed in an induced coma for a couple of weeks before he was slowly woken up.

Alex has now entered the rehabilitation phase. The extent of Alex’s brain injury is still unknown and it will take a long, slow process to heal — if at all.

After the incident, Beth McIlwain and the crew at the Redesdale pub acted swiftly to show any support they could.

“We knew they (Alex’s parents) both weren’t working after the crash so it was something we wanted to do to help them out,” Beth said.

“They had been by Alex’s bedside the whole time and we almost felt a bit helpless.”

So Beth organised a regular Friday night raffle with the proceeds to go towards Alex’s recovery.

“He had been in a bad way for quite some time and we wanted to do as much as we could but it was tough with them always down in Melbourne.”

“It wasn’t a big deal for us to do something like this — I’d like to think if it happened to anyone in our small community everyone would be willing to help out.”

It might not have seemed like a big deal to Beth, but to the Hall family, it was huge.

“My family and I would like to thank the Redesdale Hotel for their personal support and the fundraising efforts in order to help us financially whilst our son is in hospital after his car accident,” Stephanie said on a Facebook post to the community.

“The money has come in handy as I have been on unpaid leave from work for the last six weeks, and the positivity has been felt as our son Alex Hall, as of yesterday, was transferred to rehab, the start of his next step to recovery.

“From the bottom of our hearts and souls we thank you all.”

If you wish to donate and support the Hall family during Alex’s recovery, head to