Tight contest for memorial game

By Kyabram Free Press

A HUGE crowd watched the matches at the Travis Atkins Memorial Day on the Queen’s Birthday Monday.

The day started with the Under 10 players, who played two hard-fought games carried out in great spirit.

All players enjoyed the contest and showing off their skills.

The under 12 game saw a tight contest with Kyabram and St Augs going from one end to the other throughout the match.

It ended as a low-scoring affair due to the tightness of the contest.

The Travis Atkins memorial game was played by the under 14s. It was an absolute nail-biter with both sides even throughout the match.

Scores were level after the first quarter with two goals apiece. By half-time, the Kyabram boys had their nose; in front by five points.

At the last break, Kyabram was in front by two points. However, it wasn’t able to stop a rampant St Augs, who stormed home in the last quarter.

Final score: St Augs 4.5 (29) Kyabram 4 0 (24)

The Atkins family voted Charlie Barnett from the Kyabram Junior Football Club the best player on the day. Charlie had an outstanding game which included three goals in a low-scoring contest.

The day paid tribute to Travis Atkins, who tragically lost his life in a car accident.

It was based around looking after your mates and making good decisions.

Best players:

St Augs: Adam Pulsoni, Cooper Fawcett, Tom Bruhn, Jack Miller, Hamish Kerr, Ben Railton.

Kyabram: Charlie Barnett, Miller Griffiths, Shannon Fleming, Reve Torney, Will Torney, Jarrod Fleming.