Congratulations, Josh

By Corowa Free Press

By Jarryd Barca

Corowa’s Joshua Bartlett was one of six winners of the 2018 NSW Riverina Training Awards held on Friday, June 8.
Awarded at the Wagga Wagga Rules Club, the Corowa High School student took out the Riverina region’s school-based Trainee of the Year award. 

Josh is currently in his second year of a Certificate II in Engineering at Rivalea Australia, working with them one day a week whilst also tackling Year 12 studies.  

When asked what makes Joshua a worthy winner of the apprentice/trainee of the year award, Employment and Development Manager of Rivalea Australia, Vicki Clayton, singled out his work ethic. 

“Definitely his ability to fit in with the team, he’s only a young fella but he actually fits in with the model of our team really well,” she told The Free Press.

“He asks lots of questions in the work place and always wants to do his best, he’s got quite a good analytical mind as well so the questions that he asks are really pertinent to what he’s currently doing and learning.”

Joshua also recently had a serious operation and missed a few months towards the end of last year and beginning of this year.

“He continued to study whilst he couldn’t do any physical work with us because he wasn’t fit for duties, but he still continued to do his off-the-job training and got through that side of it,” Ms Clayton said, outlining his perseverance during an uphill battle. 

Ms Clayton admitted that it makes her proud to see one of her employees be the recipient of such a worthy award.

“It’s really good, and I think it just displays the character of the kid that he can commit to working with us one day a week, is doing his Year 12 studies, a Cert II in engineering and having a serious operation - still coming out the other end and doing really well,” she said. 

Joshua displays strong leadership qualities through his appointment as House Captain, his various sporting interests, his representation duties at Anzac Day ceremonies and his fundraising activities for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Joshua was one of four finalists for his selected category and will now represent the Riverina region in the state finals later this year.