Keeping it local

By Corowa Free Press

By Jarryd Barca

The money-saving ‘Keep It Local’ coupon book that was released in September last year has been an overwhelming success with less than three months before its expiry.

But not to worry, it’s not too late to continue to take advantage of the many great deals provided.

The newest version will be released in September this year.  

The coupon consists of offers from a plethora of local businesses, and it’s all to benefit every stakeholder involved.   

Store Owners of Flooring Xtra in Corowa, Brett and Karen St. John, are one set of business advertisers in the overwhelming promotion that have noticed their own customers taking advantage of the coupon booklet. 

“We haven’t had a hell of a lot, but I’ve noticed some customers use it. The one’s that have are smartly getting 35 per cent off some of their purchases,” Brett told The Free Press. 

“Some people have saved close to one thousand dollars by using the coupons on our store.”

Mr St. John believes several people have missed out on a major opportunity to save big amounts of money by not utilising the coupons booklet.

“People can look forward to big savings and buying items locally by using the coupons. If they’re not using the coupons then they’re the ones missing out on huge discounts,” he said. 

“We have had people use the coupons on our store but unfortunately there are a lot of locals who still probably have them in their top drawer or purse and haven’t even used them. 

“It’s those people that are missing out big time on really big savings.

“I encourage people to use them because you’re missing out on massive discounts and at the moment, the way things are going, prices are going up continuously world-wide. 

“Honestly, people need to get things discounted while they can now.”

Mr St. John admitted that even he has used the coupon booklet around town, purchasing new tyres, food and clothing.

“It’s all been very beneficial because it’s all so very discounted,” he said.

The discounts in the coupon booklet cater for general groceries, food, giftware, tyres and electronics. 

These inspiring deals will encourage residents to support local businesses as opposed to using an online shopping platform or travelling out of the area. 

On top of all the discounts provided by store owners, there is a grocery ticket form included in the booklet that gives everyone the chance to win $100 worth of groceries in all 52 weeks of the year, meaning a total of $5,200 in groceries are to be won. 

So far, 40 weeks have already been drawn, so residents still have 12 more chances to receive $100 before the new booklets are released.