Cold delays reality of another school day

By Shepparton News

By Thomas Read

Harrison really didn’t want to go to school today.

He awoke groggily, groaning and blinking the sleep from his eyes as he slapped the alarm clock causing the dreadful droning noise that signified a new day.

He missed the first time, much to his early-morning annoyance, and struck at the machine again. The incessant beeping stopped with a satisfying crack, and a small smile formed on Harrison’s young face.

Sighing loudly, he turned his body lazily to the side of his bed, stretching a hand out into the cold air to reach for his phone. The screen clicked to life, and he winced and squinted as the LEDs burned, telling him of the time.

7:33... He thought, groaning again as he turned the phone off, why is it already this damn late?

‘‘Harrison!’’ a familiar voice called, ‘‘come on, get up and get through a shower please!’’

‘‘Yeah, yeah ...’’ came the sleepily yelled response as he stared at the ceiling, trying to find the will to move his body. His arm was already pretty chilly from being outside the blanket, and he wasn’t really ready for his whole body to go through that.

He turned on his reading light, his room filling with a soft off-blue tone as his eyes adjusted.

His head still hurt from being up late the night before; with exams fast approaching, he thought that pulling an all-nighter here or there would help.

As it turns out, doing three in a row actually does affect the body. Who knew?

Harrison rubbed his face with a warm hand, trying to wake himself up more in case he accidentally drifted off again. His bed was so comfy that he didn’t really ever want to leave.

His mind went over the classes he knew he had today, thinking of what was due and what he could let slide until later.

The English essay isn’t meant to be in till Thursday ... Ugh, that maths SAC is today, isn’t it? he thought to himself, closing his eyes and sighing heavily.

Begrudgingly, he gripped the corner of his blanket and braced his body, internally apologising to himself for doing it.

Harrison’s arm snapped sideways as his covers flew off the bed, landing on the other side in a crumpled heap. Instantly, the change in head was apparent, and his skin felt the icy air sweep over his being. He made a small eep noise as he hugged himself, a vain attempt to keep the heat from seconds before.

He sighed once more, knowing that his fate was now set in stone. He slid off his comfy mattress, grabbed the towel from his cabinet door and made for the bathroom, trying to find motivation to start the shower.

- Thomas Read is in Year 12 at Wanganui Park Secondary College, Shepparton.