Dogs endure tough day at the office

By Cobram Courier


Waaia 54

d Strathmerton 37

With a slow start, Strathmerton was behind the ball.

Playing catch-up, it struggled with Waaia’s full-on defensive pressure, but found its feet to move it down the court and pushed on with a can-do attitude.

Awards: Hope Lindhe (KAFS Fruit Supply) and Kyley Lee-Madgwick (Strathy Cafe).


Waaia 43 lt

Strathmerton 49

Strathmerton knew it was heading into a tough, fast-paced game and that’s certainly what it got.

There were some great match-ups all over court which resulted in lead changes at every break, but the Bulldogs were able to run it out in the last quarter and come away with a much deserved, gutsy win.

They played their game and held strong as a team, showing patience when moving the ball forward and constantly backing each other.

The girls are getting stronger every week.

Awards: Kelley Laidlaw (KAFS fruit supply) and Joy Maher (Supreme Meats).


Waaia 65

d Strathmerton 21

Strathmerton came we came up against a very well oiled team which has played together for years.

Strathmerton had some great passages of play and was still be able to have fun and smile, despite the result.

It was great to see Elisha back on the court and Elle had her best game yet in defence, pulling in lots of intercepts.

The Dogs look forward to having all team members back next week.

Awards: Elle Walkington (Strathy Pub), Elisha Dryden (Supreme Meats) and Sheree Bailey (KAFS Fruit Supply).


Waaia 35

d Strathmerton 19

Strathmerton was expecting a tough game, with Waaia one spot below it on the ladder and known for its competitiveness.

It was body on body all the way down the court and, with many passing errors and not leading for the passes, the Bulldogs went away with a loss.

The girls ran their guts out and never dropped their heads.

Awards: Steph Osicka (Strathy Cafe) and Kerry Edgar (Ambience Bakery).


Waaia 51

d Strathmerton 40

It was just not Strathmerton’s day.

Some good passages of play stood out, but it was the basics that let the Bulldogs down. It just didn’t look like they wanted it as much as Waaia did.

The Bulldogs will regroup and go into their next match with confidence.

Awards: Mariah ($10) and Maddy (Strathy Cafe).


Waaia 41

d Strathmerton 9

Strathmerton worked as hard as it could and the team enthusiasm was amazing.

The girls listened to what was said throughout the quarters and performed as a well-oiled machine.

Although it was a loss, the girls should go away feeling like winners.

Awards: Mackenzie Stephens (Cobram Redgum) and Sarah Brooks and Tessa Koopman (Strathy Cafe).


Waaia 24

d Strathmerton 16

Strathmerton displayed more positive talking all over the court and worked as a team.

The side really put together what it had been working on at training.

Happy birthday to Jaella for Monday.

Awards: Sharp shooting and awesome defensive pressure Kiara (Strathy Cafe) and awesome defensive pressure and strong leads Ammy (Strathy Cafe).


The youngest Bulldogs are improving every week. Creating space and coming forward is starting to happen.

Awards went to everyone this week.