Shirley sure to delight

By Benalla Ensign

Linda Simpson is starring as Shirley Valentine in the LUEY production being staged on July 6, 7 and 8 in the Benalla Town Hall.

Linda said she was honoured to be approached by director Laurie Watters to play the role of Shirley.

‘‘It seems to be the tradition with this role that directors choose the actress they most want to play Shirley, and then pursue them to take it on,’’ she said.

‘‘Directors ‘pursue’ actresses for this role because it is a huge and daunting assignment — not one to be taken lightly.’’

As Shirley is the only character, who inhabits all the other characters in her life on the stage, there is a huge amount of dialogue to learn as well as lots of different voices and accents to master.

Linda is relatively new to the theatre only being involved since 2015, while she loved drama in high school she was doing full-time dance at the time and later sang professionally for many years.

She believes theatre is something that would have naturally followed had she not had to leave school at the end of Year 11 to find employment instead of going on to drama school.

Linda loves the challenge of acting, researching and developing characters, bringing them to life, escaping to another world and taking the audience on a journey.

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