Deni’s unbeaten run still alive

By Contributor

The Deni Rams’ A grade side continued their unbeaten run with an 11 goal victory against a determined Mulwala on Saturday.

In a tightly contested Murray League round nine match, it was the Rams’ great start that set up the win at home.

Rams shooting combination Bec White and Leah Blake both had fine games.

Eleisha Bartlett was in super form in the middle using her experience and superior fitness to dominate the corridor, while Lucy Simpson and Georgia Richards showed plenty of promise after being promoted from B grade for the Rams.

The reliable Hayley Hall continued to provide the home side with a strong avenue to goals across the match, while the clash of two of the league’s premier players — Deni’s Amelia Seignior (GD) and Mulwala’s Steph Hammond (GA) — provided the crowd with an outstanding display of contested netball.

Ella Park returned yet another great game in defence in an emphatic victory.

Final score, Deni Rams 61 to Mulwala 50.

Awards: Bec White, Eleisha Bartlett and Ella Park.

Deni Rams’ B grade overcame a slow start to record an eight goal triumph over the Lions.

Coming off a double bye the Rams struggled to settle against their toughest opponent to date.

The home side trailed for the first three quarters, however in the final term Kate McCalman collected a few much-needed turnovers.

With accurate goaling from Amber Farley the Rams stormed home.

Final score, Deni Rams 47 to Mulwala 39.

Awards: Amber Farley, Frieda O’Sullivan and Elle Parsons.

Deni’s C grade were unable to capitalise on a first half buffer, falling to the Lions by five goals.

With three weeks off it was always going to be a tough match for the Rams.

Deni started strong with few mistakes, and with defensive pressure high, the first half saw the home side hold a strong lead.

In the second half Mulwala worked out a few of Deni’s plays and were able to shut them down.

The Rams were unable to convert turnovers into goals, with lapses in concentration and difficulty moving the ball out of defence the main problems.

Mulwala came out firing and the Rams were unable to hold their lead.

Final score, Mulwala 42 to Deni Rams 37.

Awards: Georgie McCalman, Tessa McPhee and Mel Broadbent.

It was a disappointing day for the C reserve Rams, going down by 14 goals.

The Deni girls made too many unforced errors, leading to Mulwala scores.

Maggie Sutton maintained her composure all game, Anna Young played close defence and Hayley Free was determined until the final whistle for the home side.

Final score, Mulwala 55 to Deni Rams 41.

Awards: Maggie Sutton, Anna Young and Hayley Free.

The Rams Under 17s had a good 12 goal win over the Lions.

Deni played a solid and consistent game, with Amy Rodda and Tessa Bulmer shooting well and supporting the attacking end.

Emma McCallum worked hard in defence to star in a fantastic showing.

Final score, Deni Rams 39 to Mulwala 27.

Awards: Amy Rodda (Intersport Bennett’s), Tessa Bulmer (Glow Beauty) and Emma McCallum (Evolve Fitness).

It was another fantastic win for the Under 15 Rams, who came away with a 49 goal victory.

Ellie Parks was dynamite in the goal ring, positioning with skill and shooting beautifully.

Molly Shaw was outstanding through the midcourt creating space and feeding the ball patiently into the goal ring.

Steph Maher was outstanding in defence resulting in multiple turnovers and rebounds.

Final score, Deni Rams 63 to Mulwala 14.

Awards: Ellie Parks, Steph Maher and Molly Shaw.

Patience and poise proved to be a winning game plan for the Rams Gold side.

Consistency in the first, second and third quarters allowed for some experimental positional changes which showed the versatility of the team.

Sam Hughes was at her best in the goal circle and Grace McCallum played a great game in both defence and attack.

The ever consistent Taylor Wilkinson also had a big impact in the winning result.

Awards: Sam Hughes (TNT Cleaning and Home Maintenance), Grace McCallum (Bennett’s) and Taylor Wilkinson (Evolve Fitness).

After a strong and consistent first half, where Dakota Mitsch shone in GS, the U13s Rams excelled to win by 30 goals.

Annie Harvey was unstoppable in the midcourt, with accurate feeds into the ring and incredible intercepts.

Bonnie Everett fought hard for position under the post and was accurate with her shots in what was a strong, consistent and dominant game by the entire team.

Final score, Deni Rams 43 to Mulwala 13.

Awards: Dakota Mitsch (Scoop & Brew), Annie Harvey (Bennett’s) and Bonnie Everett (McDonald’s).

The Rams U11s had an impressive win on Saturday, with all netballers playing extremely well.

Ava Richards defended well while Aysha Mitsch and Emma Parks worked tirelessly, listening and applying feedback.

Final score, Deni Rams 26 to Mulwala 6.