Bollards moving

By Tatura Guardian

Several tree-protection bollards in Hogan St, Tatura, will be relocated in an effort to improve parking accessibility for drivers.

The round bollards were first installed 12 months ago to replace the original metal tree guards and to stop trees being damaged by cars.

Greater Shepparton City Council infrastructure/city engineer director Phil Hoare said it was important to maintain the protection of the trees to enhance the environment and provide shade in the summer.

‘‘In consultation with community members we have decided to move some of the bollards closer to the kerb to assist entry and exit to car parks. The alternative is to reduce the number of parks,’’ he said.

Mr Hoare said the position of some of the bollards had made it difficult for larger cars to park.

‘‘Their relocation will make it a little easier to park,’’ he said.

About 22 bollards will be relocated during June between Park St and the Railway line, where work is expected to take up to two weeks.

‘‘This is a good outcome for the Tatura community and a good example of working with residents to get a better outcome,’’ Mr Hoare said.