Defibrillator for Harston

By Tatura Guardian

Harston residents will now have 24-hour access to a defibrillator AED that was fitted at Harston Hall on Thursday.

The Harston Tennis Club applied for a state government grant to install the defibrillator in its home town.

Hall president Greg Sherman said it was important for the town to have the machine in case of emergencies.

‘‘We hope we don’t have to use it, but not having it here is worse,’’ Mr Sherman said.

Stephen Gilbert from St John Ambulance provided a short demonstration on what to do in an emergency and how to use the machine.

The hall was also installed with a new keypad touch lock on the door for emergencies.

‘‘If someone rings triple zero, they’ll be told the access code for the door and where it is,’’ Mr Sherman said.

Mr Sherman said the town car club, CWA ladies and tennis club all use the hall as well as social events.

‘‘We feel like we’re forgotten about sometimes, so with the installation of the defib machine, it could potentially save lives,’’ he said.