Help us make croquet great again

By Seymour Telegraph

Nagambie Croquet Club is hosting two ‘come and try’ days next month in the hope of keeping the club on the map.

There is a need to keep croquet in Nagambie and new and interested members can help do this.

Come along on Thursday, June 14, at 1pm for a 1.30pm start or Monday, June 18, at 1pm for a 1.30pm start; enjoy a cuppa with members after both sessions.

Flat shoes must be worn, but all other equipment is provided.

The club has organised a come and try day as well as offering an open invitation to former members of the Nagambie community and surrounding areas earlier this month..

The weather was perfect, plenty of sunshine and no wind, but unfortunately no-one took up the opportunity. Members enjoyed the game in the sunshine.

The game is not for older people, rather everyone, with the current world champion in his late teens.

Whatever your age, young and old, can give each other a good game. What strength the young have, the older person makes up for in wiliness and tactics.

After a cup of soup lunch, the club’s annual meeting was held.

The only change in office bearers is that Helen Woodward will betreasurer. All other positions stay the same, with Wendy Webster president (57938335) and Sue Van Lunenberg secretary.

The annual fee is $80 with $4 green fees on practice days, on Mondays from 9.30am for a 10am start.

Golf and association games are played and coaching is available with a cost of about $10 a player for an all-day session

The club congratulates Webster, who won the Goulburn Valley Championship in section four.

She then went on to play for the region at Yarrawonga where Goulburn Valley finished fourth. The trophy is on display in the clubrooms.

The club welcome new member Peter McKenzie, but farewelled Clive Aikman, who moved to Mooroopna.

Nagambie Croquet Club was formed on May 24, 1923, and has been a competitive in the region, producing quite a few good players, including Mrs Crone and Mrs Lane.

In more recent years, good players have included Ella Muller, Joy Porter, Rita Atkins, who was a first-class referee in Australia and champion in section three for the Goulburn Valley.

Dorothy McLeod, Dorothy Jory and Eily McDonald have all been made life members.

In latter years, Nagambie won two pennant flags in 2005 and 2007 and was runner-up this year.

Nancy Richard and Val Harvey have played in the finals of the Australian Handicap Championships.

To this day, when Wendy Webster and the late Sue Dunstone have been representatives.

Do not let all that history be for nothing and make the club great again.

—Valerie Harvey