Junior sport

By Seymour Telegraph


Under-10 football

The game was a true four-quarter effort from the entire group and one they should all be proud of.

It was pleasing to see players bring other players into the game, increased their shepherding, and looking for the right options. It was reinforced to the players after the game that they had improved and more of this style of football will see rapid improvement for all players.

Under-12 football

Sunday was a big success for Seymour under-12s as the kids finally realised what they can achieve when they work as a team and put all the hard work from the training track to game day. The plays and the movement of the ball with running in numbers and working together was really good.

Under-14 football

In every team sport there comes a point when a coach has to sit down with his group and point out the obvious which is low numbers, so we have got what we have been given.

But you can also work with what you’ve got and make it the best it can be. On that note our under-14 Lions went out with a smile and a new plan, very simple 100 per cent all day.

Every Lions player took this on board and did exactly that which made for a great game to watch and even better to be involved in.

All four quarters were evenly matched with Alex managing to sneak one extra goal in every quarter which allowed Alex to have a well-fought out and well-deserved win.

If I was to name all of our outstanding players it would be a full side of 16, but awards went to Sebastian and Vincent for getting in all day and not easing up on their pressure applied to their opposition.

Under-16 football

It was a perfect day for footy at Alexandra and once again, we had to play 16 a side.

In previous games, our turnovers had cost us dearly. We worked on that at training and that was the players’ number one priority. It was obvious in the first quarter that the work had paid off.

With Lachlan Wright injured, it was up to Ben Newman and Mitch Donnelly to fill his boots in the ruck; both going for the tap but copping knocks in their first contests instead.

Mitchell Fletcher was mercurial out of the middle with Zayde Macleod’s assistance, getting the ball quickly down to Codie Kipping who was then able to convert. Alex had big-bodied players who were hard at the ball throughout the game.

At quarter time, Seymour was in front. They were asked to talk to the ball carrier and support each other at the contest. At the main break, the Lions still had the lead and the message was to keep the pressure up and for the boys to be accountable for their man.

Aidan Ure went into the ruck at the start of the third quarter and was unbeaten against the bigger Alexandra ruckman. Both teams moved the ball well, but both teams’ kicking efficiency at goal let them down.

Sonny Ball, who stepped up from the under-14s, played easily at the higher level. Nathan Reeves showed leadership with clever ball use out of defence.

In the last quarter, Alex got the first goal and then they backed it up with a second one. The runner was sent out to ask the boys to settle down and stick to the game plan. More pressure was required from the back men of which it came from players like Connor Johnstone running the ball out of defence time and after time. At one point, he won three contests in a row. With Mitchell Donnelly in support, they made it difficult for the opposition’s forwards.

Goals: Codie Kipping (7) , Mitchell Fletcher (2), Joel Baumann, Zayde Macleod and Cody Handley.

Best: Codie Kipping, Mitchell Fletcher, Connor Johnstone, Muthi Charlie, Ben Newman, Nathan Reeves.

Scores: Seymour 12.13.85.

Alexandra 7.9.51.

Under-11 netball

The girls enjoyed the weekend off last week and come out firing in this game. Amazing performance on both sides, the game was well played by all players.

The defensive pressure was on throughout the whole four quarters, especially in the second quarter when not one goal was scored by either sides. But luckily in the third quarter the girls got their mojo back and scored a fair few goals. The final score was 12-9 Lions way.

Best on went too Cleo Chapman, and coaches was Abby Chetcuti.

Under-13 netball

The girls went and put their all out on the court. Every girl out there had an amazing game and kept on going right to the end.

Although going down by six, the girls staged a slight come back in the fourth quarter. Best on went to Amber Consiglio and Ashlyn Graham.

Under-15 netball

Our under-15 got off to a great start on Mother’s Day as the sun was shining in Alexandra.

The girls are really starting to look like a team, displaying great passages of play. Jane and Jasmine not missing a shot leading by 10 points in the third quarter. Our centre was on fire and our defence stood tall all game.

The girls fought really hard only going down by one goal. Best on to Georgia and Jamie.

Seymour Junior Netball Association

A cold windy Saturday morning marked the beginning of Round 3 with KBNA’s pinks sports day . All our teams had on their pink socks and ribbons and some with pink hair to get behind the big day.

Seymour Under-9 Green

The under-9 Hoppers had a great game this week despite the cold winds at Kilmore. Everyone is getting the hang of their positions and where they can go on the court.

Lucy and Lilly did an amazing job in defence, getting rebounds and keeping a good distance in the goal circle, they found their feet today jumping to intercept passes.

Grace was enthusiastic playing her first game and did an excellent job being open to get passes in the centre third.

Tayla played her first game and did a good job of learning where she could play and calling out for the ball. Evie had a great game as centre and was a fantastic team player running the full court with all her team mates today.

Marcus was excellent at goal attack, fighting to get the ball back from the other team and into the goal circle.

Isabel did an impressive job against much taller opposition, and also played in wing attack, working hard to get the centre passes.

For their second and first games, the team are playing well together and have a 100 per cent improvement on their first game.

Seymour under-11 Red

Seymour Red under-11s stepped their game up several notches as they played Broadford in Broadford this week and showed fantastic improvement.

Last week the girls concentrated on defence and this week they continued to focus on stifling the opposition but added an offensive element.

The girls showed great teamwork to transition the ball quickly down the court and showed vastly improved decision making. Stronger passes also made a big difference to move the ball swiftly and accurately.

It was great to have Madi play her first game for us this week. She played with absolute commitment and determination, also showing good judgement and fast hands.

Madi and Gabby took turns playing centre and were equally committed. Both girls intercepted the ball repeatedly and showed no fear in going for the ball, as well as reading the play well.

Evelyn, Georgia, Tilly and Tahlia rotated through the back half and played with extremely close checking on the opposition.

In attack, Tilly was composed and accurate and Tahlia was unlucky with a strong, gusty breeze not to have scored more. Georgia provided a strong target and was also unlucky, with many shots coming off the rim.

Chloe had another great game. Once again she got herself into good positions to receive passes from her team mates and always made good choices with her passes. Her contribution allowed Seymour Red to move the ball quickly, which has been our focus and Chloe is a vital part of the team.

It was an even contribution from all girls and the team has greatly improved even over the course of the first three games.

Seymour Under-11 Purple

In what was a cold and windy day, Seymour purple took to the court braving the weather as well as the challenges thrown at them by Wandong.

With each week played, Seymour Purple continues to grow as a team and has improved out of sight and it was a great competitive match as the ball travelled up and down the court.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter that the team started to find their way with Oliver and Paige in attack working well together in the goal ring supported by Brielle in wing attack.

Ruby played an important role in wing defence, bringing the ball back into the mid court while Sophie had some awesome moves as goalkeeper, defending the ball and gathering those rebounds along with Chloe whose height is always an advantage.

Molly captained the side this week playing centre in the last quarter, with the team unable to convert the goals Wandong got up and won in the end.

Seymour under-16 Black

It was a ripper of a game today as both teams tightly contested the ball with Seymour under-16 Black making a comeback for an amazing win against Wandong Green.

It was a slow start from Seymour Black in the first half with the scores being 12-7 Wandong’s way.

After some motivating words from the coach and some position changes Seymour clicked into gear giving Wandong a run for their money.

Brandy, Hayley and Jack did a great job in defence by intercepting and rebounding everything Wandong dished up, which brought into play Tanisha and Lucy working like a well-oiled machines through the centre, bringing it down to Polly and Lily who were on fire in the goal ring, pushing Seymour Black across the line with a win of 24-21.


Under-11 netball

We let Yea get the jump on us, conceding some early goals. But as the game progressed our defence grew in confidence and got some handy intercepts and rebounds. Both Kate and Jessie Perry played well, backed up by pocket rocket Lucy Steers in wing defence.

In attack, our shooters, Zahra Bourke and Mikaekla Wray started passing quite well in the goal ring and scored a couple but not enough to beat the opposition.

In the mid court, Larni, Georgie and Regan tried hard all game.

Major improvement on last week was our footwork.

Well done girls, only a couple of steps for the whole game. We are improving every week, keep working hard at training and it will all come together.

Under-13 netball

We had another convincing win on Sunday this time against Yea at Avenel. Charlotte and Lara again combining well in goals. Abby, Evie, Cadence and Lily were strong through the middle and Tahlia and Olivia were unstoppable in defence with their intercepts and rebounds.

The Nagambie Outdoors award this week was awarded to Lily Skinner for her constant attempts at intercepts and her pressure over the ball.

Now we have two weeks off before we line up against Euroa.

Congratulations to Charlotte Mason for her selection into the interleague team and good luck for your upcoming match.

Under-15 netball

Tabilk 44 def Yea 29

Right from the first centre pass the kids gave their all in beautiful conditions on Mother’s Day in Avenel.

The accurate combination of Shae and Sarah in goals complimented the tireless efforts of Marcy, Grace and Lexi in the mid court.

Bree and Amelia worked beautifully in defence, intercepting and rebounding well, taking a 14-goal lead into half-time.

Taylah and Darby came into the mid-court in the third quarter and played their roles well. The win is a confidence boost for the team; keep up the good work.

The Nagambie Lakes Leisure Park award went to Shae.

Under-12 football

A full squad ran out on the field for the big Mother’s Day clash against Yea at Avenel.

Blake Ezard’s tenacity around the pill was there again for everyone to witness as he put on another clinic.

Oscar Loweke had a great game. He was smart around the footy and bagged three majors.

Rylan Joyce was stopping goals one quarter and bagging them the next.

Oly Smyth was on fire again today. He just keeps on improving with each week.

Again liked the game of Angus Nash. Nashy has silky skills and loves to tuck the footy under his arms and take the game on.

Tommy Gun showed today he’s not just a one-trick pony. Known for his prowess around the big sticks Tom had a quarter down back and didn’t let the team down.

Jazz Smith is starting to learn that attacking the footy creates more opportunity for him and the team.

Tabilk: 10 - 1 - 61.

Broadford: 2 - 5 - 17.

Best: B. Ezard, T. Mason, H. Shiner, A. Nash, R. Joyce, W. Ledeux, E. Reid, O. Smyth, O. Loweke, and J. Smith.

Goals: O. Loweke 3, R. Joyce 2, A. Nash 2, J. Mills 1, T. Mason 1, D. O’Brien.

Under-14 football

After a tough week, we worked for one another, tacking, marking and kicking to the best of our ability in a strong wind.

With Yea being undermanned, massive thanks to Brayden, Sharm, Olivia, Ben and Somaiya for taking one for the team and playing for Yea.

It’s hard to go and play for the opposition team, but with smiles on their face they took it in their stride and gave it their best.

With Jordyn coming back to form it was great to see him using his skills and taking on the game we know him to be playing. James has been improving week by week after an interrupted pre-season and it hasn’t taken long for him to be back at his best.

With purple ends and a long streak it was great to see Somaiya now on the board with her first goal.

As a team this week compared to last week, we stood a lot stronger, shepherded when required, tackled hard and produced runs and skill work that we have not seen in a while.

This is the way we play and playing like this is a great way to go into a two-week break, then Euroa, set to be a good hard game. If we played the way we did today it will be a battle to the end.

Good luck to the boys in the interleague team, what a great effort, R. Fox-Old, W. Dalton (now supporting a mullet) J. Auld and A. Murray — have a great day and give it your best. Many thanks to the parents whom help out at training nights, keep coming guys it greatly appreciated and the players love it too.

As a side note with the modelling career put on hold on the last leg of his world tour, ‘The Green Lantern’ was back. Running into the head wind seemed a bit of a problem, but lifting those legs got him going. Thank you Adam Dalton.

Mum and Dad Harriden also back this week what a saviour, what would we do without you, we missed you, please don’t go away again.

Best on ground: The Royal Mail, J. Wallden; The Auld Award, J. Auld; The Coach Stop Have a Go Award, S. Harrdien.

Goals: J. Auld 2, J. Wallden 2, W. Dalton 2, K. Chapman 2, S. Harriden 1, A. Murray 1, W. O’Brien 1, H. Wall 1.

Final score: Tabilk 12.15 to Yea 0.02.