Horse lovers wanted

By Seymour Telegraph

After many years of dedicated work Linda Riddle and Mary Steyne are stepping down from their Riding for Disabled Seymour responsibilities.

Both Linda and Mary have done terms as president, and they were recently paired as the RDA’s horse management team, coming every second day from Avenel to look after the group’s ponies.

RDA Seymour head coach Gay Lewis said their work has been enormously appreciated over the years.

‘‘Anyone who cares to check out our ponies knows they are beautifully looked after,’’ she said.

‘‘Everyone at RDA Seymour owes Linda and Mary a huge thank you for their tireless efforts.’’

But Mrs Lewis said RDA Seymour now needs to find people who can help cover for the loss of Linda and Mary, by sparing an hour a week on a roster to check the ponies.

‘‘They live at the back of Kings Park, so it’s perfect to walk the dog at the same time,’’ she said.

‘‘First and foremost is the need to check they are well and happy, secondly the helper would need to make sure the rugs are on properly and then they need feeding — just putting out hay.

‘‘We are happy to provide training and, of course, there is always back up. The ponies go on summer holidays.

‘‘If you are a horse lover this is a lovely way to be with horses that are gentle and easy to deal with. Ideally the more people who can help the easier the task will be.’’

If you can help, phone Gay Lewis on 0425720269.