Lions dethroned

By Seymour Telegraph

Missing vice-captain and playing-coach Ben Clifton with hamstring tightness the Lions were belted at home by Mansfield to the tune of 62 points.

On a dark day for Seymour at Kings Park captain Jason Cole was the Lions’ best-on for the fifth time in six games, with Cam Muir, Aiden Adams, Mitch McLean and Dylan Scopel also standing out.

Lachie Watts booted two goals while the reliable Jake Anderson slotted three majors, leaving him equal-third in the Goulburn Valley League’s top goal-kickers’ list.

Seymour enjoyed a stirring win against Rochester last week but Cole said a slight drop off was enough to let the opposition take hold of the game, with Mansfield establishing a 38-point at half-time.

‘‘We sort of felt we were second to the footy all day and they definitely won the contested footy on the inside and that probably really deserved to be the margin,’’ Cole said.

‘‘Our effort was down a little bit and at this level if you’re down five per cent that’s the difference.’’

With the Lions keen to move on from the performance following the interleague break, a positive was the effort of Lachie Watts.

‘‘Lachie’s getting better and better with every week; he’s been starting to take some good marks in early games and was leading to the right spot, but now he’s getting reward for putting in the hard yards,’’ Cole said.

For the visitors, Mansfield’s thumping away-win against Seymour ranked as one of the greatest victories for coach Cameron Hotton.

Hotton took over the top job at the Eagles in 2016 and went home from Kings Park satisfied with the four points for the first time in his Goulburn Valley League coaching career. ‘‘I can’t actually remember the last game we did win there; I was with Jamie Sheahan after the game and we were racking our brains, but couldn’t remember the last time we won there,’’ Hotton said.

The reason the win was so fulfilling was due to the contribution of so many.

In a side where Sheahan, Tom German, Ben Fagan, James Herridge and Brett Mahoney so frequently feature in the best, the Eagles showed what they can achieve when they jell as a unit.

While the aforementioned players were again pivotal on the scoreboard and across the field, recruit Ashraf Davies was important as was Scott Markwick and Luke Walsh.

‘‘It was really pleasing and fantastic that we had everyone contributing over all four quarters and we’ve been endeavouring to do that for so long,’’ Hotton said.

‘‘There wasn’t really any clear standouts, it was hard to pick bests and everyone was contributing which is what you want for a footy side, to have no-one carrying the team.’’

Score: Mansfield; 3.4, 9.12, 11.15, 18.20 (128).

Seymour; 2.2, 4.4, 7.5, 10.6 (66).

Goals: Mansfield; Thomas German 4, Benjamin Fagan 4, Ashraf Davies 3, Jamie Sheahan 2, Will Foster 2, Scott Markwick 1, Brett Mahoney 1, James Herridge 1.

Seymour; Jake Anderson 3, Lachlan Watts 2, Bryce Scoullar 1, Alex Lockett 1, Mitchell Waite 1, Rory Scopel 1, Kyle Winter-Irving 1.

Best: Mansfield; Ashraf Davies, Brett Mahoney, Thomas German, Scott Markwick, Luke Walsh.

Seymour; Jason Cole, Lachlan Watts, Cameron Muir, Aiden Adams, Mitchell McLean, Dylan Scopel.


In better news for Seymour, the reserves clawed out yet another win to stay a game clear of Kyabram, Euroa and Mansfield on top of the ladder.

Down by two points at half-time, the Lions edged ahead of the Eagles in the third quarter before keeping their opponents goal-less in the last to earn a 16-point victory.

Julian Morgan bagged four goals for Seymour in a strong performance while Tyler Clarke was judged best-on for the home side.

Score: Seymour; 2.2, 4.4, 8.4, 10.6 (66).

Mansfield; 3.0, 4.6, 7.6, 7.8 (50).

Goals: Seymour; Julian Morgan 4, William Bourne 2, Harley Taylor-Lloyd 1, Taylor Apps 1, Harry McLean 1, Rhys Clarke 1.

Mansfield; Jamie Carns 2, Thomas Gibbs 1, Justin Bartlett 1, Jeremy Veneman 1, Thomas Gardiner 1, James Chiller 1.

Best: Seymour; Tyler Clarke, Julian Morgan, Joel Brooks, Anthony Galofaro, William Bourne, Harley Taylor-Lloyd.

Mansfield; Jamie Carns, Thomas Gardiner, Darby Sladdin, Guy Murray, James Fox.


The under-18s claimed their third win after defeating Mansfield by a whopping 130 points.

The visitors were restricted to just the one goal, coming in the third quarter, as the Lions asserted control on the game in the second quarter.

Ben Rigoni booted five goals in a best-on performance for Seymour, while Huw Jones, Dylan Hockley, Dylan Cook, Sam Durham and Alick Nai also dominated.

Score: Seymour; 2.2, 10.5, 13.9, 20.17 (137).

Mansfield; 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.1 (7).

Goals: Seymour; Ben Rigoni 5, Keegan Grant 2, Cain Murray 2, Dylan Hockley 2, Alick Nai 2, Hamish Parker 1, Samuel Durham 1, Toby Newman 1, Fraser Lewis 1, Daniel O’Sullivan 1, Samual Galofaro 1, Dylan Cook 1.

Mansfield; Max Jornmarker 1.

Best: Seymour; Benjamin Rigoni, Huw Jones, Dylan Hockley, Dylan Cook, Samuel Durham, Alick Nai.

Mansfield; Archie Smith, Patrick Smith, Will Christopher, Jake Murray.