Richard's Ramblings

Have they tamed the Incredible Hulk?

By Richard Horton

One of my favourite things to do is watch movies. A Marvel world movie is also one of my favourite types of movie. The Incredible Hulk is my favourite character in all superhero movies. 

I have had lots of arguments about who is the best superhero. I always argue for the Hulk. In my opinion he is unstoppable and can't be killed.

In the Avengers movies, something odd happens to the Hulk. We see one scene where Bruce Banner unwillingly turns into the green monster and seeks to destroy everything in his path. The next time Banner becomes the Hulk, its a willing submission into his anger and he seeks to only destroy the evil attackers of the world. 

That got me thinking, Have they tamed The Incredible Hulk? Had he become less of a monster? Has he been tamed?

I don't think so. The answer is in Bruce Banners secret. His secret is that he is always angry. What changes is an acceptance of the anger within.  

Anger is a valid emotion for us. It's how we deal with it that's important. The Incredible Hulk reminds me that it's ok to be angry, especially at injustice. The tricky part for us is to work out how to respond well to that injustice.

For me, every response to my anger needs to be bathed in grace, compassion and mercy. That's what my Heavenly Father would do, that's what I want to do.

Mind you, getting angry at a punching bag isn't a bad way to express your anger either!

Let's accept our anger at injustice and respond in compassion and leave the rest for the punching bag. 

Go Well.