Richard's Ramblings

Wisdom & Knowledge

By Richard Horton

In the movie i,Robot with Will Smith, there are a couple of interactions with two of the characters.

One line says "You are the dumbest smart person I have ever known". Later in the movie, we hear the other one. It says "You are the smartest dumb person I have ever known". 

At our fingertips is an amazing amount of knowledge but where is the wisdom? We all seek more knowledge but how many of us seek wisdom? Proverbs are not restricted to the Chinese, there is even a whole book in the Bible called Proverbs. In it there are many proverbs that seek to give us wisdom. Even if you don't own a Bible, you can always google it!

We can be the "dumbest smart person" around or the "smartest dumb person" around. Another option is that we can simply seek to be the wisest person around. It takes knowledge, discernment and effort.

We need more wisdom in this world.

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