Exercise phone discipline

By Shepparton News

Technology has allowed us to be more connected than ever.

Mobile phones, text messaging and social media has made it possible to be in tune with our family and friends at all hours of the day, and to plug in to the latest viral content.

It’s okay if you’re sitting on the couch, in the train on the way to work, or passing time during a lunch break at work.

But there are certain times or situations when we should not even think about reaching for our phone.

When we’re behind the wheel is a prime example.

No doubt the temptation to reach for the phone while stopped at an intersection, or even worse while the car is moving, is too much for some.

A report in a recent edition of the Benalla Ensign revealed that police had caught 79 distracted drivers in 40 hours of monitoring on the Hume Fwy last month as part of a special operation.

The results of what was dubbed Operation Hands-Free were disturbing and showed that, despite continued warnings and road safety campaigns, far too many are worryingly still prepared to roll the dice and risk terrible consequences.

Distracted drivers, including those using mobile phones while behind the wheel, will again be one of the focuses for patrolling police across the region this Queen’s Birthday long weekend.

As part of what is being called Operation Regal, police are urging motorists to take all due care, take their time and not take risks.

Potential consequences are magnified when there is such a high volume of traffic on the roads, as there is on long weekends with more people travelling to and from destinations.

Our advice to risk-takers is in line with that of the police.

Distracting behaviours such as using a mobile phone while driving is just one example of risk-taking.

It may seem like a harmless action to take a quick look at your phone but it can only take a split second for disaster to happen.

The key point is: when you’re behind the wheel, the focus should be on the road and that concentration should not be interrupted.

If the phone is too much of a temptation, lock it away in the glove box or the boot where it cannot be accessed