Sharing super school ideas

By Shepparton News

Students from four state schools attended a workshop yesterday to have a say in their future education.

In plans announced this year, McGuire College, Shepparton School, Wanganui Park and Mooroopna secondary colleges will merge to form one super school.

Shepparton High was named as the site for the new super school last month, with the Victorian Government pledging $20.5million towards the first stage of the plan.

Shepparton High principal Phil Squire said the workshops were created for students to discuss the new super school and allow them to voice their opinions.

‘‘We’ve got 50 students from across the four state secondary schools here this morning talking about what they’d like to see in the future of the new school,’’ he said.

‘‘The students that are in our school are really important to us, so we want to hear what they would like to see.’’

Year 8 Shepparton High student Bethany Gray said she was happy to take part in the workshops and liked that students of all year levels were given the opportunity to share their opinion.

‘‘I think the super school is a great idea because we’ll have better education facilities,’’ she said.

Year 9 Wanganui student Jaron Timbol was among those who attended the workshop to have his say.

‘‘I’m in between, I think it’s both good and bad,’’ he said.

‘‘It’d just be different, you’d just have to get everyone used to it I guess.’’

Jaron said transportation could be a difficult factor for some students.

Other students attending the workshop said they thought the super school was a good idea and had many positive comments about it.

Some of the positives mentioned included having more students in each year level to make more friends, having more subjects on offer and having improved facilities.

Mr Squire said the general feedback had been quite positive and there were online forums where people could have their say.

The Victorian School Building Authority workshops were organised at Shepparton High with two separate workshops, one for primary and the other for secondary students.