School teaches the art of learning

By Shepparton News

By Beverley Neff

Many students would sit in class and complain.

‘‘What is the point of this?’’ they’d ask.

Some students would argue that we’re probably not going to be authors when we’re older and that advanced algebra isn’t very useful if you want to venture down certain paths such as a sportsman, restaurant owner or McDonald’s worker.

It’s very true that there are many situations you encounter in life that they don’t teach you in class — but there are also things that they teach us that seem unnecessary.

What you want to do and achieve with your education is really up to you.

Love it or hate it, school does have an important purpose: to learn, of course! Education is important and although schools don’t teach you everything they do teach you things you do need to know.

Not a huge crowd favourite — but learning at least basic maths is very useful and quite important in life. Simple things such as counting the time, shopping costs or how much you may have over-spent on your weekly budget.

Most people probably aren’t going to need to know how to find the radius of a circle — but maths is an important skill to have.

We are also taught home economics.

Knowing how to cook is essential. The average person has three meals a day. It is very important for those three meals to consist of nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy and function.

We will all one day have to cook for ourselves and our families — so everyone should be able to whip up a meal.

School — although at times it isn’t the best — is actually very important. It really just depends on what you want to do with your life.

You don’t have to get every test, assignment or exam perfect to be successful in life. There are many options and paths you’ll face in the future that will determine what you end up doing with your life.

You can study for years, get perfect grades or you can not bother with your education and just drop out. It’s up to you.

Just be careful, because in the future you will need to get a job and apply all the knowledge you’ve gained over the years to your work. What that job is though, again depends on you.

You don’t have to bother studying to get that big-shot CEO job at a large corporation, you could simply be a Macca’s worker.

Again, it’s all up to you.

Beverley Neff is in Year 9 at Notre Dame College, Shepparton.