Loss feels like a win

By Georgia Smith

The Saints netballers put up a strong contest on Saturday against Mooroopna, falling just seven goals short.

The last quarter saw the Saints pumped up and determined against third-placed Mooroopna, doing their best to fight right until the end.

Despite the team’s best efforts it went down 29-36 but left the court with heads still held high.

Saints head coach Pip O’Donoghue said the team was getting better and better each week.

‘‘They’re just starting to perform like a really great unit, like a good team out on the court,’’ she said.

‘‘That’s most of the battle, I think. If they’re great mates and they can bring that on the court and work as a team, that’ll help them, like we saw.

‘‘When they were coming off after each quarter they just had this unity thing happening.

‘‘They weren’t concerned that they’re third on the ladder and we’re whatever we are on the ladder, so that was really good that they put that aside.

‘‘They’re all really happy. Even though we lost, it feels like we won.’’

O’Donoghue said it was a full team effort on the day.

‘‘When you play a team like that the way that we played you can’t have one or two great players, it was a full seven-player effort today,’’ she said.

‘‘The defenders were amazing, so Chloe and Meg got heaps of intercepts, and then our goalies Kylie and Britt were also amazing and accurate.

‘‘The girls have to feed the ball to them to put the shot up, so it was definitely a full team best on performance.’’

The Saints will now take on Echuca at home next week.