Benalla bowls report

By Benalla Ensign


Last Thursday’s bowls saw three games of eight ends played.

Winners were R. Edwards, I. Brond, L. Watson and S. Zanin with plus nine shots. Runners-up were L. Brown, J. Holmes and D. Gulbin.

Last Tuesday three games of eight ends were played with the team of R. Edwards, B. Mollison, M. Cromie and L. Watson taking out top spot with a plus 11.

Also last week on Wednesday, the open jackpot triples was played, with winning team on a countback R Nankervis, R. Allen and H. Dartman. Runners up were W. Johnson, J. Nicholls and H. Barber.

Friday’s bowling saw 14 teams in pairs play in the regular Friday jackpot pairs.

Winners were M and D Tilbury with plus 12 shots, runners up were R. Allen and D. Lucas.

Saturday’s bowls saw 10 teams play two games of 12 ends in three bowl pairs. Winners were J. Dennis and R. Allen with two wins plus 17 shots up.

Runners-up were S. Robertson and J. Lemin.

Swanpool Bowling Club

Saturday was Presidents Day and presentations were held with 40 people in attendance.

Lunch was a barbecue before presentations to club winners.

Thos winners were Sarah Mathieson, the ladies champion — runner up was Betty Jordan.

Men’s champion was Doug Stewart, runner up was Shane McGinty.

Mixed pairs winners for the year were Shayne Mathieson and Rosie Mathieson. Runners-up were Sarah Mathieson and Shane McGinty.

100-Up winner was Shayne Mathieson, runner up was Lance Bradshaw. The club’s Open Round Tournament, held over five weeks, proved a popular inclusion.

The annual general meeting will be held on May 21 from 7.30pm.

Senior Citizens Bowls

Last Tuesday’s winners were D.Matthews (S), G.Hernan, H.Harper and R.Harper. Runners-up were J.Quick (S), N.Elkan and M.Williams.

Friday’s triples champions winners were N.Debuck (S), K Gray and H.Sharp. Runners-up were J.Quick (S), M.Debuck and H.Harper.

Saturday’s winners were J.Quick (S), N.Elkan and A.Morris. Runners-up were K.Gray (S), J.Lemin, T.Anderson and B.Symes.