Workshop addresses risks

By Didier Stobart

After completing last year’s 24-hour treadmill challenge to raise funds and awareness for Suicide Prevention, Anytime Fitness Benalla was provided the opportunity to hold a suicide alertness workshop for community members.

The aim of the workshop was to have more people in the community aware of suicide risks, signs and prevention methods.

‘‘It’s important to have people in the community, not just mental health professionals, that are able to provide support to those who may be at risk of suicide,’’ host of the workshop, Anxiety Recovery Centre chief executive officer Michelle Graeber said.

‘‘It’s vital to recognise the signs, have the capacity to listen and know what to do in situations where people need help.

‘‘It’s necessary to have alert people in the community that can reduce the stigma of mental illness and make those who are suffering feel like they can open up.

‘‘It’s our job as a community to help others and provide support where we can.’’

The three-and-a-half-hour workshop was well attended and was an open format allowing people to engage with the host.

●If you or someone close to you is struggling with mental health, phone the Anxiety helpline on (03)98300533 or on 1300269438.