New balers built tough

April 21, 2017

The new Case IH baler comes in two models - standard and rotor cut.

Case IH has unveiled its new series of large square balers, designed for the toughest crop types in the most challenging of conditions, to the Australian market.

The Case IH LB434 XL series retains the features and adaptability of the current LB434 units, while introducing a range of new attributes to get the job done more efficiently.

It is available to producers in two models: the LB434S XL (standard) and LB434R XL (rotor cut).

The new balers feature an 80cm longer bale chamber, wider panel widths to reduce material accumulation behind twine boxes, upgraded platform and hand railings, and new active bale eject system, while retaining 48 plunger strokes per minute, wide pick-ups and six double-tie knotters.

‘‘It all adds up to a unit perfectly designed for large-scale hay and forage operations with a lot of ground to cover and a short time to do it,’’ Case IH hay and harvest product manager Tim Slater said.

In lengthening the bale chamber, bale density has increased by up to 10 per cent on previous models, with a more stable bale density in various operating conditions and better bale shape. The longer bale chamber also means bales exit the bale chute closer to the ground for a more gentle drop, minimising the risk of twine breakages.

‘‘Greater density means more crop per bale, decreasing bale count, as well as reduced handling, wrapping and transportation costs, helping producers economically reach new markets,’’ Mr Slater said.

Structurally, the LB434 XL series has been strengthened to accommodate the additional weight to the rear from the extended bale chamber, and the plunger has been upgraded to handle the higher anticipated loads from the increased density.

The overall width of the new models increases to 2.8m over the outside of the panels excluding the wheels, while the overall width including wheels and pick-up wheels remains under 3m. The increased space between the side frame and the twine boxes helps to reduce crop accumulation and provides more space on the maintenance platform.

Another exciting innovation is the active bale ejection system, with full and partial bale eject, which replaces the previous passive system. In the new models, when bale eject is operated, the 10 bale eject teeth are actively driven into the bale, ensuring all teeth are fully engaged to positively drive it out of the chamber.

‘‘Once again, Case IH is responding to customer needs, with these new balers not only generating heavier bales with a greater density, but also providing the technology producers require to more efficiently harvest each crop at its peak nutritional value,’’ Mr Slater said.

The Case IH LB434 XL series large square balers are available now.

For more information, see your local Case IH dealer or visit:

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