Painting until beauty

June 02, 2018

Cassie Palma is prepared to pause her current part-time work to follow her passion.

Cassie and Phil Palma take a break from painting a Shepparton unit.

Cassie Palma, 23, is probably the most qualified part-time house painter in Shepparton — but her diploma has more to do with being a beautician.

‘‘It’s just worked out like this so far,’’ Ms Palma says, as she helps her dad, Phil, paint a unit at the Phyllis Newton Villas, just off Olympic Ave in Shepparton.

Cassie has been helping her dad about a day a week — and he’s more than happy with his ‘‘apprentice’’.

‘‘Cassie was always keen to help me as a kid, and she was very hands-on, even as a youngster,’’ Mr Palma told the News.

‘‘Actually, it’s good fun working with Dad, but of course I really want to be a beautician, because that’s what I trained for since I was 16,’’ Ms Palma said.

At Shepparton High School, Ms Palma began her beautician career path with an eye on creative drawing and writing, sculpture, and even gardening.

‘‘Over 2016-17 I completed a Diploma in Beauty Therapy at GOTAFE — it was a brilliant course, and I learned a lot,’’ Ms Palma said.

‘‘We did make-up, tinting, massage, nutrition; looking at every aspect of health and beauty.’’

Mr Palma added that no-one was surprised to see Ms Palma taking in every aspect of the course, like a duck to water.

‘‘She took it seriously, because it’s obviously very competitive,’’ Mr Palma said.

‘‘I embraced it all,’’ Ms Palma said. ‘‘Knowing that being a beautician these days includes the technical aspects of make-up, but also the psychology of helping anyone to look the very best they can — especially important for a wedding, or deb.’’

Of course, beautician jobs don’t come along every day.

‘‘So I asked Dad if he wanted me to help out for a few hours here and there,’’ Ms Palma said.

‘‘I really don’t like hanging about and being bored — it’s never a good look.’’

Mr Palma has operated in Shepparton since 1973, and was delighted his daughter could bring her positive attitude to his workplace.

‘‘This is terrific,’’ Ms Palma said, ‘‘but not exactly what I was trained for.

‘‘I’m still going to email people, knock on doors, show people what I can bring to their business,’’ Ms Palma said.

‘‘I believe in helping create a business — to get out there and bring new clients into an employer. That stuff won’t happen by sitting about waiting for someone.’’

Ms Palma added that like any business, it was a team effort to make it all work.

‘‘I’m interested in the marketing of a business too — how could we all work together to do an awesome job, and keep it all growing,’’ she said.

‘‘I’m certain something will turn up where I can follow my passion.’’

Mr Palma added: ‘‘I’d be sorry to lose my little part-time helper, but Cassie knows that in the real world you’ve got to be good, and positive.’’

Ms Palma as a beautician will be a serious loss to house painting, but she’s prepared to take the risk, and she’ll leave the white overalls at home.

- Denis Le Neuf

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