You’ll show a clean set of wheels

May 16, 2018

The new Laserwash 360 Plus has been installed at Wash Werx.

BRENDON Shandley has installed the latest and greatest technology at Wash Werx, providing Kyabram locals with the best carwash money can buy.

“It’s the fastest in the business and something we have wanted for a while,” Mr Shandley said.

“I guess it was a bit like a new car, once one is broken you get the next one and that’s what we did but this time we upgraded to the Laserwash 360 Plus.

“This machine has a drier, which we have never had before, so it has all the new bells and whistles.

“We have also upgraded our self-serve bays, so that includes the guns and brushes.

“We have just gone for a bit more of a user-friendly environment down here so everyone should come and check it out.”

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