Hoping the past won’t catch up

May 12, 2018

Borobudur in Java: News Journalist Hayden Thomson with locals at the famous temple.

Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one ... you have been the one for me.

Yesterday was my last day as a reporter with The News.

Boy oh boy, how the time has flown by.

I feel like it was just the other day when I wandered into the office, off the Goulburn Valley Hwy, as a young cadet fresh out of university.

Most of my colleagues would argue I’m just as immature now as I was when I first walked into the building two years ago — I somewhat disagree.

According to them, the highlight of my time here was a personal column of mine which opened with: It began with a blonde 32-year-old female lawyer from Germany and ended with two 25-year-old brunette Dutch girls. What happened in between is a blur.

Yes indeed.

I could have taken this opportunity to talk about my time here with a company I have thoroughly enjoyed working for.

Instead, I thought I would talk about where I’m off to next ... For insurance reasons. Just in case I get kidnapped or abducted on my hitch-hiking journey.

Don’t tell Grandma.

Sunday week I’ll land in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, for the start of a two-month backpacking trip which will take me around the small island nation south of India.

Ancient ruins in Sigiriya, cave complexes in Dambulla, mountains, hiking, and wildlife parks will steal away most of my time.

Throw in the odd beverage or two and the month will have come and gone.

The Philippines, I predict, will be a different beast entirely.

Unfortunately, the white beach paradise of Boracay will be off-limits due to a serious sewerage problem for the next six months.

But Cebu, Bohol, Palawan and the thousands of other exotic islands that make up the country will have to satisfy the travel itch.

Diving and snorkelling will take up the hours during the day, that is if I can successfully obtain my diving licence in a secret deal in a dirty back street.

The nightlife, I’ve been told, is quite a bit of fun so I’ll be hoping to grit the teeth and give it a decent ol’ crack.

After my getaway, I’ll begin a two-year Masters degree at Australian National University in Canberra.

Hopefully that’ll settle me down a bit and keep those criminals I’ve written a number of court stories about, off my trail.

Until next time, ‘Yarnson’ over and out.

Hayden ‘Yarnson’ Thomson is now a former News journalist.

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