Love abounds as couple celebrates 70 years of marriage

April 30, 2018

Aileen and Viv Parry celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday.

Viv and Aileen Parry with their ten great grandchildren.

Viv and Aileen Parry with their four children, Wendy Graham, Alan and Jeff Parry and Glenys Salter.

Viv and Aileen Parry with their seven grandchildren.

On May 1, 1948, Aileen Elsie Baldwin and Vivian George Parry were married at St John’s Church of England in Croydon.

Some 70 years on Mr and Mrs Parry shared memories and celebrated with friends and family on Saturday at Harmony Village.

Mr Parry said the secret to a happy marriage was never going to bed on an argument.

‘‘You will have arguments, but have them and get them over with, never sleep on an argument,’’ Mr Parry said.

Mr and Mrs Parry raised their four children — Alan, Wendy, Jeff and Glenys — in Lemnos on a fruit orchard.

‘‘We had just an ordinary farm house, we had a kitchen setting, a bedroom setting and two chairs in the lounge room,’’ he said.

Mr Parry said Aileen and himself knew nothing about fruit growing, but his father thought it was a good business to get into.

‘‘We learnt as we went along and you learn quick when it hits your pocket,’’ he said.

The orchard had a variety of fruit, including apricots, pears, peaches and apples.

‘‘Aileen was a hard worker, she packed fruit, graded fruit and later on when we went into bulk handling Aileen could tip a bit of fruit, grade it, get the forklift and shift the full bin out of the road and get another one up on the rollers,’’ he said.

‘‘That was the way it went in those days, fruit growing was a way of life and it was pretty good.’’

Viv and Aileen retired from the orchard business in 1974, building a home nearby in Lemnos.

Five years ago the couple made the move into Harmony Village’s independent living units, where they stayed until Aileen had a stroke this year, which moved them into full-time care.

‘‘The day she came in they told me, I was coming, too,’’ he said.

Viv and Aileen celebrated their wedding anniversary with all their children, seven grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

‘‘It doesn’t pay to look back, keep looking forward, I’ve always said the older you get the further away old age is and I’ve still got Aileen,’’ he said.

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