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April 07, 2018

Cheeky pests: A flock of pesky corellas are making a meal of the Shepparton Law Courts bit by bit.

Roads and footpaths in Shepparton were the first victims ... now the new multi-million dollar Shepparton Law Courts.

What next, the Telstra tower?

A hungry flock of corellas are making a meal of the $73million state-of-the-art building, much to the humour of lawyers, police and criminals below.

‘‘The birds are no secret; it’s not just a problem for the courthouse, they are approaching being a pest,’’ veteran Murchison lawyer Brian Birrell said.

Piece by piece, silicon on outside of the four-storey building is being eaten by corellas.

The birds don’t care, going as far as to defecate on the fancy architecture as well.

‘‘I’ve heard builders and workers saying it’s annoying them as well,’’ Mr Birrell said.

‘‘They’ll eat anything, I’ve got grief on my Shiraz vineyard as well but that’s been going on since humans started growing grapes.’’

In February, a Greater Shepparton City Council spokesperson said the birds’ presence was probably due to drier rural conditions.

With the fruiting plane and eucalyptus trees providing a food source for the birds.

The spokesperson said the activity was a nuisance, but would most likely be short-lived.

‘‘In relation to dealing with them, there isn’t much we can do,’’ a statement read.

‘‘Being native, they are protected and the resources and effort required to move them on would be exorbitant and ineffective.’’

Court Services Victoria was asked a number of questions by The News about the birds, including if the issue could have been foreseen.

But they responded with just one sentence.

‘‘Court Services Victoria is currently investigating short and longer term solutions to deal with the impact of corellas on the new Shepparton Court building,’’ a statement read.

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