Fridge gone to a better place

April 07, 2018

Even Ashlea’s cat Stella waits eagerly at the fridge, confused to no longer find her food inside.

After a recent Google search, I’ve discovered the average life expectancy of a fridge is about 10 years.

It always amazes me how much can be found out by posing a question to the internet gods.

There seems to be no limit on the knowledge you can acquire.

You may not have been expecting to find how long a fridge will live for today and neither was I when I sat down to write this column.

It was a fact which only added to the disappointment of losing my fridge earlier this week.

Although not brand new, it was definitely not a happy surprise finding out your four-month-old, second-hand fridge decided to die during the Easter long weekend.

It’s one of those appliances you tend to forget about and just assume they’ll keep going forever.

You also don’t realise how dependent you are on them.

When I found out the news on Monday, my house was already on day three of the ‘Fridge Fiasco’.

Items had been temporarily stored in another fridge and many items left behind in the panic.

They were also left due to a general mistrust of how long the fridge had been down for.

With three people’s perishables crammed into a tiny bar fridge located in the garage, it just became more obvious how dependent I am on being able to walk to the fridge and pull out a snack or beverage.

I’ve also noticed on numerous occasions my house mates reach for the door only to sigh in disappointment and turn away.

The trek in the dark, into an even darker garage, is made even less tolerable by the fear of walking into cobwebs or turning on the light to see one of our unwelcome mouse friends, currently boarding with us.

As the ‘Fridge Fiasco’ entered a new day, we got down to business and began pouring milk and juice down the sink. We also started questioning what items really need refrigeration.

Although a bonding experience, I think it was one we would all preferred to have missed.

As my first fridge purchase, it was definitely disappointing to find out I’d brought a lemon.

It made me think, is it better to buy new or used?

Sure you have the warranty and hopefully the assurance of a quality product when new, but what about some character?

As we continue living out of the bar fridge and trying to make the decision on what to buy, it’s important to look at the positives.

We were forced to chuck out the many mouldy cucumbers not chilling in the fridge as well as unidentifiable containers of leftovers.

It has also stopped further food waste, with a much more minimalist lifestyle taking place in our home.

They say these things come in threes.

I really hope that’s not the case.

Ashlea Witoslawski is a journalist at The News.

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