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April 06, 2018

Jade Naylor and her step daughter Tnaya Hammond, 12, are going to England in October to compete in the Obstacle Course Races World Championships.

For some, representing Australia on the world stage is a mere dream, but for Shepparton’s Jade Naylor and Tnaya Hammond it is reality.

The pair are headed to England in October to represent Australia in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships.

‘‘It is an obstacle race on steroids, it’s kind of like Ninja Warrior, but longer,’’ Ms Naylor said.

‘‘There are four races over three days ... it is the race everyone wants to get to and you get to run alongside big names that you only dream of.’’

The championships consist of a 3km sprint, 15km main event, a teams race and a charity event, in Kelvedo Hatch, England.

While Ms Naylor competed in the world championships in 2016, it is the first time for her stepdaughter Tnaya, 12.

‘‘I’m pretty stoked, last time it was very special doing it for the first time,’’ Ms Naylor said.

‘‘But being able to represent your country on the world stage with your daughter, a lot of people don’t get that opportunity ... I’m so excited.’’

Ms Naylor manages 24fit, Shepparton where she trains alongside Tnaya three times a week in the lead-up to the championships.

Preparation also involves a further two days of personal training while maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Ms Naylor said the pair competed in a number of Spartan races to qualify for the world championships, which she explained was an entirely different ball game.

‘‘The worlds are a totally different race in the sense that in Spartan you do 30 burpees as a penalty,’’ she said.

‘‘Whereas at worlds if you cannot complete an obstacle, you get your band cut and you are out of the prize money.

‘‘It is very competitive and super tough.’’

Ms Naylor’s sense of sportsmanship and good morals prevailed while racing in 2016, landing her a sponsorship deal with clothing brand LegendBorne.

After finishing her race she noticed a fellow Australian teammate struggling to complete the course with a broken ankle.

Ms Naylor jumped back out onto the course, helping and encouraging her teammate to make it across the finish line.

‘‘I don’t know how she did it because I did the same course and it was brutal,’’ she said.

‘‘The LegendBorne team saw me go back out and wanted me to be an ambassador for them to represent their clothing brand.’’

It is this team spirit Ms Naylor said made the whole experience that little bit better.

Despite everyone competing against each other for the title, she said when you were out on the course the competitors all looked out for one another.

Ms Naylor is looking forward to a busy six months of training with Tnaya to ensure the pair were ready to go when the worlds rolled around.

‘‘You feel like you have achieved so much, especially when you have battled all of these obstacles ... you get a lot of satisfaction — it makes you feel good about yourself,’’ she said.

‘‘It is great for the kids as well because it really is a formalist for life.

‘‘You are going to hit obstacles in life and you have to be able to tackle them and keep moving forward.’’

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