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April 05, 2018

Shepparton singer/songwriter John Arnold has released an extended play album titled Cities + Nations.

John Arnold's extended play album titled Cities + Nations.

Shepparton singer/songwriter John Arnold has released a short album titled Cities + Nations.

The EP was quietly released in mid-December last year, however, due to work and international travel, Mr Arnold has begun to properly travel and promote the EP in only the past few weeks.

‘‘I hope to release a full album in collaboration with various other local Aussie Christian artists with a similar heart in the next 12-18 months,’’ Mr Arnold said.

The heart of the EP Cities + Nations speaks of positive change for our towns and regions.

‘‘There is so much negative news and opinion that denigrate the value and worth of individuals, community groups and towns, and I am tired of the unhealthy discourse,’’ Mr Arnold said.

‘‘I decided to write songs that speak of the potential for change; of hope, life and peace that is possible for our community to experience,’’ he said.

The opening track, titled Light Up the City, Mr Arnold said, was written while driving through Shepparton one afternoon, dreaming about the changes he would love to see in our city which often has a poor reputation.

‘‘The track’s core lyric, ‘We’ll light up the city with love’, speaks of the only way I know and believe will bring lasting health to our city, and that is by embracing and demonstrating self-less love,’’ he said.

The EP was produced and mixed by New Zealand-based Josh Klinkenberg (from Inflame Studios).

‘‘Josh has himself come to Shepparton several times, using his music and message to speak life and peace to this region,’’ Mr Arnold said.

The EP is available on all digital major platforms and on CD. Follow on Facebook at John Arnold Music.

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