Child drop-off danger

March 10, 2018

Caught: Council sent Mr Saddlier this photo of him dropping his daughter off at school last week, in a no stopping zone.

Notre Dame College principal John Cortese says drop-off zones are ‘‘without question’’ needed to address the lack of parking along Knight St.

‘‘Parking, or the lack of, is a topic of constant complaint from staff and parents,’’ he said.

‘‘I receive regular requests to provide more on-site parking and drop-off space. I feel there is a current lack of parking spaces and drop-off zones which equates to a safety issue.’’

One parent was booked by council parking inspectors last week for dropping his daughter off in a no-standing zone and was fined $159.

‘‘Booking drivers isn’t going to improve safety,’’ Nathan Saddlier said.

‘‘None of the road infrastructure along Knight St has changed in the past 10 years. There are 58 carparks on Knight St between Corio and Skene, to service two schools.’’

Mr Saddlier said both Notre Dame College and St Brendan’s Primary School deserved better.

‘‘The council (officials) are driving up and down and preying on parents. Booking people isn’t going to improve safety, something has to change,’’ he said.

Greater Shepparton City Council’s citizens services manager Laurienne Winbanks said drop-off zones could be an option but the council was yet to be approached.

‘‘The school would need to drive that and we haven’t been approached,’’ she said.

‘‘But it would need teacher supervision because it could work in the morning but in the afternoon parents would just park there and wait for their child to come out.’’

Ms Winbanks said the council delicately balanced competing demands in the area, with local residents often complaining about driving behaviour.

‘‘Not only is Knight St there for schools it’s a thoroughfare for other parts of town,’’ she said.

‘‘A lot of the no-stopping zones along Knight St are there for line of sight. For the school crossing supervisor and for the kids, in general.’’

Ms Winbanks urged parents to commit extra time dropping their children off to school and look at parking in side streets because no-stopping zones were required.

‘‘There are safety issues when parents drop off their kids in no-stopping zones,’’ she said.

‘‘A few years ago we had parents calling us, saying they had issues and there were a couple of near-misses. That’s why the no-stopping zones were implemented.’’

Mr Cortese said if drop-off zones were created, it would require the council to make space available which would come at the expense of car parking spaces — of which there are too few now.

Notre Dame College and the council are not currently engaged in any discussion or working on any strategies to improve the current situation.

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