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March 09, 2018

Picola District Football League clubs have spoken out over their stance on the league parting ways with the AFL.

Picola District Football Netball League clubs have been faced with the decision to either remain with the league or move to a new competition proposed by AFL Goulburn Murray. South-east club presidents voice their thoughts about how the matter affects their club.


‘‘We haven’t really got a position, at the moment we’re in the Picola league and we’d like to stay in the Picola league.

‘‘It is a bit disappointing that it has reared its head again this year and they haven’t been able to work it out in the last 12 months.

‘‘I do think that if AFL Goulburn Murray were truly invested in all football welfare they certainly wouldn’t be putting us through this at this stage of the year.

‘‘We just want to get back to playing footy.’’

— Katamatite president

Max Wright


‘‘We’re totally disgusted it’s got to this stage, that two organisations couldn’t sit down and resolve their issues when they had 12 months to do it.

‘‘We’ve had a club meeting on Tuesday night with (league operations manager) Shane Railton in attendance, and we’ve made a tentative decision based on getting clarity on a couple of issues we’re still waiting on.

‘‘We’ll advise our members of the decision, then call a meeting to accept the decision, and then notify the two parties hopefully early next week.

‘‘But if the two organisations had the best interests of country football at heart and the best interests of the Picola league’s members, they would have resolved the issues.’’

— Katunga president Neil Eddy


The club could not be reached for comment, but has posted a statement on its Facebook page indicating strong support for the PDFNL.

‘‘(The decision) comes as no surprise to the RFNC and does not alter any plans already in place for this season,’’ the statement reads.

‘‘RFNC supports the PDFNL’s position and looks forward to a successful 2018 in netball and football as a valued member of the PDFNL.’’

Shepparton East

President Mark Frost feels that the current state of affairs ‘‘is not an ideal situation to be in’’, but was not prepared to comment further on the matter at this stage.


‘‘We’ve got another meeting (last night), but at the moment we just want to be affiliated.

‘‘We had a meeting last week and decided we want to stick with AFL Goulburn Murray.

‘‘The main reasons are the talent pathways — the opportunity to play with the Murray Bushrangers. We’ve got a young fella (Nick Irvine) in the TAC Cup squad at the moment and that’s important to us.

‘‘Also the funding from the AFL, we’d miss all that funding and we’re at the stage as a club where we need to upgrade, and missing the funding would mean that wasn’t possible.

‘‘It’s nothing against the league, but we just cant afford to leave.’’

— Tungamah president

Troy Costigan


‘‘We’re behind them (the PDFNL) 100 per cent.

‘‘It’s been going on now for more than 12 months, we can’t get any communication (from AFL Goulburn Murray), they (the AFL) think they’re bigger than everyone else and they want to take everything over.

‘‘Don’t make it so hard for us, we’ve got a great league up here, we don’t care what they do down there (in Melbourne), we had money in the bank and everything worked well.

‘‘Our league has told us we’ve got everything in place to start the season with insurance and everything to cover us, so we’ll be starting as normal for the opening round on April 7 unless something else dramatic happens.’’

— Waaia president

Richard Trimby

Dookie United

Declined to comment.


Declined to comment.

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