Chasing long-held dream

March 08, 2018

Go-getter: Noel Heenan hopes to join the 200 mile per hour club when he ventures to South Australia today.

The ‘‘over-sized go cart’’ in question is a 850 mph Lakester which has been shipped over from San Francisco

A competitor driving on the dry salt bed of Lake Gairdner, South Australia, in 2000.

Mooroopna’s Noel Heenan is heading over to the dry salt bed of Lake Gairdner, South Australia today to tick off an item on his bucket list.

He hopes to join the 200mile per hour club (322km/h) with close friend John Harding.

‘‘It’s been on the bucket list since we finished up with cars. The car arrived last Thursday off the boat from America,’’ Mr Heenan said.

The ‘‘over-sized go cart’’ in question is a 850mph Lakester which Mr Harding paid about $100000 for.

‘‘It’s done 190mph with a 500-horsepower engine. But I’ve never done 200 mph, it’s another level completely. If you can get your car there it is a smart car,’’ Mr Heenan said.

Mr Heenan said he didn’t have any major worries but said the biggest problem he would face as the driver would be traction.

Drivers from all over the world will converge on Lake Gairdner for Speed Week including a team from Sweden hoping to break a world record, Mr Heenan said.

‘‘There’s about 350 entries of all shapes and sizes. The faster you go the more strict the event organisers are about your safety gear,’’ he said.

‘‘Anything to do with speed is not easy.’’

Lake Gairdner’s salt bed is about 120miles (193km) long and Mr Heenan said he’d heard some amazing stories about the sight.

‘‘They reckon you can see the curve in the earth it’s that sparse. The sunsets are amazing,’’ he said.

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