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March 07, 2018

Mandi Goddard, Ben Condell and Lyn Emmett are opening up the doors of the backpacker accommodation with one condition.

IF A deal sounds too good to be true, it often is.

But not at the Stanhope Hotel.

Publican Mandi Goddard and the team have put an offer up of a free place to stay and shower for any grey nomads or truckies — the only catch being you have to buy a meal.

For Mandi, it’s all about giving people a quality feed — and she thinks it’s a pretty obvious solution.

“Why? Well why not?” Mandi said.

“We hear people saying there’s nowhere decent to have a shower when they’re out on the road so we thought we’d offer somewhere clean.

“Then we thought why not do both a meal and a shower - because we’ve had drivers saying there’s nowhere to get a wholesome meal.

And the feedback has been outstanding.

After they posted a photo of the flyer on their Facebook page it spread like wildfire.

“We’ve had about 228,000 see it. Usually when we post something it’ll get 2000-3000 views, but this was increasing by 10,000 an hour,” Mandi said.

“It’s really unexpected, we’ve had a lot of trucking and caravanning groups contact us about it.”

There really is no catch, Mandi and the others at the pub are just looking to bring people in to the town.

She said the promise of a clean place to shower is what they’re expecting will draw people in, as most grey nomads and truckies will have their own beds.

“We’re also looking at doing up a bit of a welcome pack to show people what’s in town,” she said.

“It’ll only be an A4 page but we want to bring people in and promote the other businesses in Stanhope.”

For any travellers looking for a place to stay, you’ll have to call ahead to reserve a spot in the backpackers accommodation.

To book or for more information call the Stanhope Hotel on 5857 2293

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