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March 05, 2018

Allan Turner founded Zaideeā€™s Rainbow Foundation 14 years ago and has worked tirelessly to spread the message about organ donation.

Allan Turner founded Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation 14 years ago and has worked tirelessly to spread the message about organ donation.

During the weekend, he shared the story of a young girl from Albury-Wodonga who came up to him asking about his daughter.

Zaidee suddenly died at the age of seven and donated her organs to save the life of others.

‘‘I shed a tear because that’s what it’s all about. If it wasn’t for this event, this little girl wouldn’t ask that question,’’ Mr Turner said.

The message will be spread far and wide after more than 2200 people participated and it needs to be.

The figures are atrocious.

The campaigns our governments have implemented over the years have not worked.

Assistant Health Minister Ken Wyatt, who is responsible for organ donation, welcomed progress made to save lives, citing the latest figures released.

But last year, just 510 donated their organs out of more than 76000 deaths in hospital.

Less than two per cent of Australians who die in hospital can become an organ donors because special circumstances are required.

Meaning of the 76000 deaths in hospital, only 1192 potential donors were identified, but in the end just 510 organs were provided.

The News agrees with Mr Turner when he says: ‘‘We need to change the system from opt-in to opt-out’’.

Governments across the world have implemented legislation meaning those dying have to choose not to donate their organs — with donation automatic if eligible.

Spain, France and the Netherlands — Australia lags behind all these nations.

Last month, Britain took a crucial step toward making all adults presumed organ donors unless they say otherwise.

Adding the country to a growing list of those that have adopted the policy to address a chronic shortage for transplants.

Ken Wyatt holds the purse string on whether the Federal Government budget towards campaigns. He is the man who can say opt-in or opt-out.

Your move, Ken.

If you are willing to one day save lives as an organ and tissue donor, register at register.donatelife.gov.au/decide

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