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February 14, 2018

Norm Pearce, 94, wants to hear from some of his former school bus passengers to find out where they have ended up in life.

Norm Pearce lived his dream of being a school bus driver for 14 years.

On October 13, 1994, The News ran a story about a Shepparton bus driver retiring after 14 years of service with Jacobsons Bus Service.

Last Wednesday, staff at The News randomly picked this story to run on the From The Archives page.

The retired bus driver, Norm Pearce, found Wednesday’s paper on his doorstep with a note from his neighbour telling him to ‘‘look at page 9’’.

Naturally, Mr Pearce called The News to catch up and share his excitement.

Since retiring at 71, Mr Pearce promptly returned to work to help out in the bus workshop and drove the motorised cleaner until he was 87.

‘‘I drove the school bus for 14 years and I loved every minute of it, so why leave?’’ Mr Pearce, 94, said.

‘‘Those kids kept me young. I respected them and they respected me.’’

Mr Pearce is still recognised by children who rode the Route 1 Arcadia morning bus.

‘‘Jacobson’s daughter asked me one day, ‘Norm, I don’t have a grandfather, so would you be?’ and I was very chuffed,’’ he said.

Mr Pearce continues to keep his bus driving days close to his heart and reminisces about them quite regularly.

‘‘It took me 31 years to achieve my dream to be a bus driver and my spirit is still intact,’’ he said.

Mr Pearce would love to catch up with the children from his bus run and see where they are today.

Anyone from his former bus run who would like to let Mr Pearce know what they are doing these days, can email us at The News and we will pass the messages along. Email [email protected]

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