Down and out Jets object

February 14, 2018

Katandra is appealing an ineligibility ruling in it's B-grade side regarding Eagles import Scott Richardson.

The Clyde Young Shield ladder could be remoulded with just one round remaining in the regular season due to a possible administrative error.

Katandra’s B-grade team has been stripped of the outright victory it completed against Northerners on Saturday after Cricket Shepparton’s executive found it had fielded an ineligible player, but the club has lodged an appeal against the decision.

Eagles import Scott Richardson, who had dropped down a grade due to being unavailable for the first weekend of round 12, was found to be over the allocated points threshold the association allows for player downward movement.

But Katandra captain Jedd Wright is confident Richardson was clear to play.

‘‘We obviously had no intention at all of playing someone where they shouldn’t have been,’’ Wright said.

‘‘By our calculations he was under the points, so an appeal is in process at the moment and we’ll wait for the result of that.

‘‘When you pick teams you don’t do it to try and stack any sides, you always filter from the top down. Scott was unavailable for the first week of the match, so we gave a young kid a go in A-grade and moved him down.’’

Richardson’s high profile, as well as his performance in the match (6-18 in Northerners’ first innings and 6-3 in its second on the same day), seems to have drawn attention to the possible breach.

‘‘We received an email from the Northerners asking about the eligibility of Scott Richardson,’’ Cricket Shepparton senior cricket director Michael Van Dorsser said.

‘‘He is a relatively high-profile player, so they were surprised he was playing B-grade.’’

Cricket Shepparton rules 9.1 through 9.4 detail that a player cannot drop down a grade if each of their past five matches have been in a higher grade, unless a clearance is secured or they fall under the competition’s points system cap of 30 a game (as an average across the five matches).

The average is calculated by allocating one point per run, 10 points per wicket and five points for every stumping the player secures.

The Jets have been awarded victory and six points from the clash, moving them to seventh and within three points of the top six — pending the result of the appeal.

Meanwhile, the Eagles would drop from second to fifth on the tight B-grade ladder and could face the prospect of needing to triumph in their final match to make sure of post-season action.

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