Delivering goodwill year round

February 10, 2018

Branditt Avenue corner shop and post office owner's Dianne and Tom Colbert.

The Branditt Avenue corner store is more than just a milkbar.

Owners Tom and Dianne Colbert run a community hub, doing whatever they can for residents in the area.

The pair has served the community for 12 years, going above and beyond to help those in need.

‘‘We love and care for everyone that walks through our doors,’’ Mrs Colbert said.

‘‘All we can do is be here for them and offer support ... that’s what we do.’’

The pair runs the milkbar and post office 365 days a year, coming into contact with a variety of people each day.

‘‘The younger kids that come into the shop are awesome,’’ Mrs Colbert said.

‘‘We try to help them out with counting their money and try to teach them about manners and respect.

‘‘It is the things like that which go a long way with their school work and home life.’’

And it seems it is not just the younger generation who benefit from the Colberts’ efforts, with the pair hand-delivering parcels and offering assistance to anyone who needs an extra hand.

While the decision to own a corner store 12 years ago ‘‘just happened’’, Mrs Colbert believes the people they have met along the way have made it worthwhile.

‘‘We thought we were getting older and it would be a nice, friendly thing to do.

‘‘I don’t think we realised it would take as much time as it does ... but we love what we do — we don’t think about it, we just do it.’’

While the pair has worked Christmas Day for the past 12 years, Mrs Colbert described the festivities as the best day at the store.

‘‘We have so many people, both young and old, who come in here because they don’t have someone to say ‘merry Christmas’ to them.

‘‘Some of those people have no-one else to talk to — and that costs (us) nothing.’’

The Colberts were recently recognised for their efforts, being named Shepparton’s Senior Citizens of the Year at the 2018 Australia Day celebrations.

Their award citation stated the pair provided advice and assistance to those in need, were encouraging and happy to go above and beyond for the community.

With more than a decade of service under their belts, the Colberts don’t have any plans on going anywhere any time soon.

‘‘We hope to stay here as long as we possibly can, we’re just happy doing what we’re doing,’’ Mrs Colbert said.

‘‘As long as our customers are happy and everyone has got what they need to survive and feel better about themselves, then that’s all that matters.’’

Tom and Dianne Colbert’s Branditt Avenue Post Office and Milkbar is open daily at 1-3 Branditt Ave, Shepparton.

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