Nathalia artist lauded for focusing on Big Picture

February 08, 2018

Director Mark Street behind the camera, William Kelly (rear) and sound engineer David Muir at Mr Kelly’s Nathalia studio.

In our beautiful world, often shadowed by fear and terror, artist William Kelly has decided it is time to change the dialogue.

As a respected humanist artist, the Nathalia resident was inspired by personal experience to create his three-story piece: Peace or War: The Big Picture.

The work reflects on the perspectives of various artists who have conveyed the belief that peace is a better option than war.

Inspiring in presence and reputation, Mr Kelly has influenced many with the phrase ‘‘art can’t stop a bullet, but it can stop a bullet from being fired’’.

These words were the inspiration for filmmaker Mark Street’s documentary William Kelly’s Big Picture.

The documentary follows Mr Kelly across the world as he explores the actions and ideas of those who have been a part of of his journey and highlights the importance of artists taking a stand.

‘‘You realise very quickly he (William Kelly) is a man that has spent most of his life fighting against war and violence,’’ Mr Street said.

‘‘When you think about the kind of threats we see today, you see the issues that need to be addressed.’’

Mr Street travelled to Nathalia last week to film scenes in Mr Kelly’s studio.

‘‘I love how connected the community is in Nathalia,’’ Mr Street said.

‘‘For such a tiny town, I was amazed to see just how much was going on there and the connectedness of the whole community.’’

Filming William Kelly’s Big Picture has been happening for eight months, as the six-person crew continues their global travels onto Spain.

Mr Street said the crew would hopefully complete filming in the next couple of months in order to finish the editing process this year.

‘‘We hope to use the power of documentary film to assist existing advocacy organisations to get their message out and to educate students in schools and universities to reconsider their attitudes to peace for the future of the world,’’ he said.

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