Time to take a pause, fast

February 07, 2018

Some of the Shepparton News FebFast team members (from left) Brandon Clarke, Lisa Madden, Clair Fraser, Bella Considine, Madeleine Caccianiga and Xavier Trevaskis are happy to make new resolutions for a cause.

McPherson Media Group has taken on FebFast as a team to raise money for disadvantaged youths.

Powered by Youth Support and Advocacy Service, FebFast is a ‘pause’ from a personal choice — which could be something like alcohol or sugar — for the month of February.

The money raised funds youth workers who dedicate their time to connect young people with the support, programs and services they require to overcome adversity and realise goals.

In the spirit of health and wellbeing, the MMG team has given up some foods, alcohol, inactivity and disorganisation.

‘‘We’ve got a bit of a mix this year; some people are giving up online shopping, a lot of people are giving up alcohol for the month, a couple are giving up inactivity ... and a variety of foods,’’ MMG people and culture adviser Clair Fraser said.

Ms Fraser wanted to promote the fun initiative within the group and organised 2litre drink bottles as prizes for the 17 participating staff members.

‘‘Every time we do something like this, it’s always hard to get people involved, but when we do have people putting their hands up to do things we like to be able to reward them, even with something small to say thank you for doing this, and these big bottles are about keeping hydrated and are on trend at the moment,’’ she said.

Disorganisation was Ms Fraser’s motivation for FebFast.

‘‘This will be my fresh February to get more organised, particularly in meal planning, exercise and healthy eating. It’s kind of like your new year’s resolution everyone forgets about, so February is a great month to recap.’’

For more information, to register or donate to FebFast, go to

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