Class action over numbers

February 07, 2018

Lachlan Faller, Aiden Chaston, Eli Parker, Corbyn Fletcher and Alec Novac, all 10, work together to get the numbers right.

Destiny Tauai, 9, enjoyed Touchdown Tuesday at Bourchier St Primary School yesterday.

Nadia Ruggi, 10, uses chalk to figure out the numbers of the game.

Ekkam Bhullar, 8, Mia Neal, 9, Nilani Murali, 9 and Maddison Street, 9, work out the numbers.

: Jackson Brierley, 8, Azreel Akatere, 9, Elaine Simaika, 9, Khadija Abusharib, 9, and Abigail Ratcliffe, 9, configure answers together.

Bourchier Street Primary School’s Touchdown game is a big hit with students.

Yosra Alamin, 10, and Josh Mills, 10, working hard to find the right answer.

Touchdown Tuesday was a hit with Bourchier Street Primary School students yesterday they spent the morning outside playing and learning maths games.

Touchdown is a simple grid game that gives children practice in adding positive and negative integers.

School vice-principal Gary D’arma said the incorporation of games into learning encouraged the students to be more engaged and develop their strategic thinking.

‘‘Using games in the class room means the kids get a lot of practice and that repeated practice gives them opportunity to cement their learning,’’ Mr D’arma said

‘‘It’s a way to get the whole school together. It’s also a way to invite parents to come down so that they can connect with the learning and the languages for teaching, that can then be continued at home.’’

Using the Touchdown guidelines, teacher Amanda Brisbane found that dividing her class into three groups worked best for her Grade 1 students.

‘‘Depending what their level is, you can do all sorts of games with the same basic activity, whether that be adding two numbers together, forming place value or gaining the biggest number,’’ Ms Brisbane said.

Grade 1 student Nate Pettie, 6, was happy to be outside instead of inside during the morning sessions.

‘‘We would normally be doing quiet reading, so it’s nice to do something different,’’ Nate said.

The games concluded at 9.30am, leaving the children energised for the rest of the school day.

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