Trip puts life into perspective

February 06, 2018

A change in scenery and a visit with an old friend can help put life into perspective. Picture: AAP Image/Doug Conway

Up until last week I was feeling a little lost, uninspired and, honestly, down in the doldrums.

My long-term plan for work, finances and travel all seemed desperately out of reach and relationships with others became a stress I did not appreciate.

Everyone else I knew seemed to be on track or distracted and I wondered why I had felt I had strayed so far away from the life I thought I would have by the ripe age of 27, becoming a back-drop to the lives of instead of the driver of my own.

When I hopped on a plane bound for Perth last month I felt tired, weak and emotional.

It was a last-minute trip to visit one of my closest friends, where we agreed we would forget about everything in our lives for two weeks.

We grew up in Victoria together and have turned out to be polar opposites, but we tend to balance out each other’s differences with humour, memories and a genuine contentment.

Spending the first week by the beach and the wineries of Margaret River, giving each other unsolicited life advice and airing our grievances proved to be the start of a revelation.

We had not solved anything, but talking seemed to make things a lot easier, and we remembered we could always rely on each other to get us through.

I distracted myself by tasting as many reds as possible, exploring the bushland by the ocean and eating as much food as humanly possible.

By the second week we were back in Perth and ready to take on the world.

We bar hopped and met new people and sang angry Alanis Morissette songs in the car on the way to fancy dinners.

I had conversations that helped put life back in perspective and met people who made me realise the words of others don’t matter as much as I thought they did.

Sometimes in life all we need is that little shake to get us on the right path.

Whether it be a metaphoric slap in the face, a break-up, the loss of a job, a holiday or an inspiring conversation or experience, all of the bad balances out the good in the end.

Maybe it was the holiday and the much-needed rest, or maybe it was the blood moon shaking things up, but I am feeling a lot more optimistic.

Rhiannon Tuffield is a News journalist.

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