Trusty trio loves a bike ride

February 05, 2018

Major is named that because he was born on Anzac Day.

Mr Wooten's three dogs love to ride on the bike and the back of the ute.

Fluff is the only female dog of the three.

Ted, like the other two dogs, is keen as mustard.

Rushworth's Bruce Wootton with his three dogs, Major, Ted and Fluff.

How did they get their names?

Major, well, he’s the main dog and he was born on Anzac Day, so that’s how he got Major. Ted — he had a yap when he was a younger pup and one of my mates down the road we nicknamed Ted and he talks a bit, so I thought that’s appropriate, and Fluff when she was younger she seemed to be more of a fluffy dog, so that’s how she got her name.

What are their personalities like?

They are great companions. Most of the time I’m out here on my own. They are very faithful. They wouldn’t snap at you. They are good-natured like that.

What are Major’s and Ted’s working abilities like?

The two males work in the paddock and the shed. They are versatile at both. They all watch the sheep all the time and know what’s going on more than I do. They are pretty well on the ball. They are too keen, so I have to slow them down. You can slow them down, but you can’t speed them up.

They would work for anyone I think. As long as work is involved they’d do it. They love it, absolutely love it.

What are they like with the cows?

The older bloke (Major) has no idea with the beef cows. That’s why they are not very often with the cows.

Where do they sleep?

They camp out here in the shed. I come out here every day (Mr Wootton lives in the Rushworth township). They would bark if they were in the town.

Do they love to travel?

They are on the bike well before you are. They are on the back of the ute as soon as it starts. All three of them will get on the bike and there’s no room for the pilot (driver).

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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