Cruelty shocks family

January 30, 2018

A Tatura family is said to be distraught after a boy from another family, 17, allegedly put its seven-week-old kitten in a microwave last Monday.

A friend of the victim said the act led to the animal’s legs swelling up and needing to be amputated.

‘‘(The kitten received) internal damage beyond repair, (which) led to it being put down,’’ Denah Coonerty said.

‘‘A lot of people from town are absolutely disgusted and furious about this, the family are distraught.’’

The Guardian understands graphic images of the cat have been handed to police, which are described as being ‘‘horrendous’’.

Police confirmed a case of animal cruelty was reported to them last Monday afternoon and said they were making preliminary inquiries.

‘‘(A) case where someone had injured a cat,’’ Tatura police Leading Senior Constable Kevin Ingram said.

‘‘Inquiries are ongoing in relation to an (alleged) offender who is known to the victim.

‘‘We are now attempting to locate a 17-year-old male that has been nominated as the offender.’’

Ldg Sen Const Ingram said the family was understandably upset and distraught about the incident involving the new family cat.

‘‘It’s very upsetting for them, to think that someone would do that to a kitten,’’ he said.

A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) spokesperson said the pain and fear the kitten must have experienced was unimaginable.

‘‘Whoever is responsible for this merciless act of cruelty must be located and charged,’’ the spokesperson said.

‘‘PETA urges anyone who witnesses cruelty to animals to contact authorities immediately — for everyone’s safety.’’

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